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What Happened to the Sayville.com forum??????

Posted by switters on November 20, 2006

Things were getting pretty odd on the Sayville forum (or Sayville blog, or Sayville message board). People were posting some odd things, posts were vanishing, and then suddenly, it goes down for “maintenance.” Is this the end? Did it finally implode? Did people from Walgreen’s object to the mockery? Did people in the community object to the jokes about tea-bagging? Did millpond put up one too many posts about hating blacks and gays or about murdered former Sayville residents? Does anybody know?
Post your comments below if you have a clue…


7 Responses to “What Happened to the Sayville.com forum??????”

  1. sayvilleGuy said

    Don’t know – but it’s back now.

  2. The Keeper said

    Is there anything more painful to read than a sheltered soccer mom trying to sound enlightened on issues they have no idea about?

    Yeah, we need an alternative site….

  3. vtphoto said

    How did I miss the jokes about teabagging???

  4. Its amazing what you can miss if you blink. Hey, you’re a photographer, aren’t you? You should know that :).

  5. dakeeper said

    I don’t understand. I like tea. I’ve often dipped my teabags into hot, soothing………ah, nevermind. Is it remotely possible that most of those people knew exactly what we were talking about? I mean, they strike me as your typical meat & potatos wham bammers, if you know what I’m sayin’…

  6. vt_photo said

    Wow, bummer. I didn’t want to clutter your tribute/last post with any nonsense, so I went back to the first post. Thanks, Switters, for taking the time to maintain a blog about our town (at least tangentally) for nearly a year. Sayville.com can nary afford to lose an intelligent voice, so I hope to see you post there again.

  7. dakeeper said

    Hey VT, what’s the matter? The ‘All Sports Zone’ thread leaving you a bit hungry for funny and informative content? Now there’s a thread that will survive even the cockroaches long after we’re gone. Whew, talk about lame…..but it’s like a blue light to a fly.

    I think the forum in general has lost some spirit, 2 years ago during the library thing it seemed a bit more interesting. Now you have people, without naming names, who post on there and have zero sense of humor and questionable agendas, but it really doesn’t mean anything. I’ve seen some ‘Sybil’-like behavior on there and I’ve had enough of that. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned humor?

    Cya later…..

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