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Deleted Threads

Posted by switters on November 21, 2006

A little known secret about the internet is that things that are deleted are not always gone forever. Every day Google.com scours the internet and “caches” pages. If something is removed after it has been cached, it can still be found by doing a google search.

For example: here is the “Cleaning Up Our Act” thread which was deleted from Savyille.com. (this link may not work with all browsers)


3 Responses to “Deleted Threads”

  1. SisterDomino said

    This is pretty cool, but I can’t read some of the posts. Are there any other threads that are saved on Google? How can I find them?

  2. james said

    Yeah,but they don;t cache things indefinately.

  3. dakeeper said

    Yes, it’s good for short term recovery. I’m thinking there’s a thread on sayville.com that has just been removed and I can only wonder why.

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