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More Deleted Threads

Posted by switters on November 21, 2006

For anyone interested, here are some more deleted threads from Sayville.comUnfortunately, this is just a small sample. Also, the most recent posts aren’t there and it only shows one page of posts at a time. Finally, if you aren’t using firefox, it cuts off some of the posts.* Enjoy!

Letter From Sayville Schools

Good ole Sayville in the papers again

Walgreens (it’s really a shame the most recent posts are missing 😦 from this thread)

Another Library Vote

More: Another Library Vote

Still more: Another Library Vote

A Nightmare On Elm Street

*But, really, why wouldn’t you be using Firefox?


2 Responses to “More Deleted Threads”

  1. fredw said

    I ammmmmmmmm heeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 But gotta go prep some Turkey. So much to say on the Admin note. Try to pop in tonight.

  2. joe arata said

    Not one post from 2008, hmmmm, seems like this site died!!!

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