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Walgreen’s Take Two: My final post on this thread

Posted by switters on November 25, 2006

This is a copy of what I posted on Sayville.com. I’m posting it here because I suspect that thread is on its way to oblivion.

Originally posted by mfsg

Without the chains Mainstreet would have died about 5 years ago Genovese and Starbucks have saved main street. Walgreens will be a help to town and will be a better draw than THE CAR SHOPPE………..

Mfsg I must respectfully disagree. True, Walgreens will generate more traffic than the Car Shoppe, but the quantity of customers coming to a store is only one factor in whether or not it will benifit other retailers. Far more important is whether or not it will bring NEW customers. Will people who wouldn’t otherwise do so come to Sayville for Walgreens? It’s doubtful that many will. (at least people came to The Car Shoppe from miles away)

What’s far more important is the amount of spillover: will people who are at Walgreens be inclined to go into town too? Sure some may, but if you think about it logically, Walgreens will draw more customers AWAY from Main Street than towards it. As someone had pointed out on the other thread, one benefit of these stores is one stop shopping. Walgreens will just make it easier to avoid Main Street.

I agree that Starbucks and Genovese helped Main Street. Chain stores and independents can certainly co-exist. But it doesn’t seem that Walgreens wants to co-exist. They want to come in and eat somebody else’s lunch.

Originally posted by 2boysmommy

These evil big businesses employ the otherwise unemployable.

Those are people who work in those stores. Some are kids, some are senior citizens, some have been laid off from other jobs, etc. I’m sure their moms, dads, children, etc. appreciate your comments.


Originally posted by 2boysmommy

A lot of this is NIMBY-ism. Yeah, Walmart is great…as long as its not in my town. Bah.

I know tpanarese already addressed this. But NIMBYism refers to projects that people acknowledge are for the public good but just don’t want to have in their neighborhood. What public good does Walgreens provide? (at least mfsg had an answer, even if I disagree)


Originally posted by 2boysmommy

The problem with Walmart is that they undercut everyone else’s prices….so they do tend to drive other stores out of business. Guess what? Thats the american way….its called survival. And they’ve survived and thrived. No evil there!

This thread isn’t about Walmart, but I wan’t to address what you said. Yes, America’s wealth is dervied from a free market economy. But “the American Way” used to mean that we think think for ourselves and that the people ruled. Now it seems that the American way is to behave like sheep. A new cheap retailer opens so we must shop there. Never mind that it might not be in OUR long-term interest to keep small businesses afloat, we are told that saving a few pennies on toilet tissue is all that matters and we let the little guys go under. Then, when we’re wandering around the ailes of some superstore trying to find the cough syrup, we complain about how it used to be.



Originally posted by Lori

Y’all are talking like there are some options here. […] I seem to recall the same “I’m not shopping there” when that Genovese opened on Main St years ago, but somehow that trashy place is still up and running. I suspect the same thing will happen with the Walgreens. Next you’ll have a McD’s – no, wait, this is Sayville – we’ll have some OTHER more upscale chain/franchise place – open up on Main St.

This is happening. I don’t believe we have any influence here – perhaps just to try to prevent signs that are bigger and more of them that are allowed by the town code. But don’t worry, even if they lost and the town said NO GIANT SIGNS, AND NO MORE THAN ALLOWED, it’s only money. They just have to wear the town down by bringing it up again and again. OK, so the sign won’t be 2 feet taller than allowed, how about 2 feet wider? No? OK, how about round instead of square? Then before you know it, the town people have gotten so confused in minutia that you wind up with bigger than even originally proposed!

Roll over now! Don’t waste your precious energy! Hey, think of that poor harried mom who has that crying baby and wants it all in one stop. What, are you against mothers? Next thing you know you’ll be saying you don’t like apple pie!

I don’t really understand the point of your post. The only message I can decipher is that the people complaining are fools and that Sayville residents are a bunch of snobs. If I’m mischaracterizing what you’ve written, please say so (and explain what you really mean) and I will apologize.

As far as the “people said that about Genovese /Eckerd’s” argument… When I scold my son for riding his bike out into the street without looking, he might well say “You said that last time, but nothing happened.” I won’t accept that from him and I don’t think its any more logical from you. As was written once before, its not just that Walgreens may push Thornhills out of business, it’s that they will almost definately make him an offer to buy his customer list and if he accepts it then we lose a Main Street business that we care about. You can say it’s “the free market” but please remember, we are supposed to control the free market, not the other way around.


Originally posted by mfsg

I also dont get it …….The Car Shoppe was one of the ugliest lots in Sayville……….this should be an upgrade for that property……….
One was a big brick building with a bunch of shiny cars parked around it. The other will be a big brick building with bunch of not so shiny cars parked around it and bigger signs. (please see millpond’s picture below) This is an upgrade?

The bottom line is that we should oppose this. Since they have the legal right to open up here, our only recourse is to tell them they aren’t welcome and hope they decide not to proceed. Yes, it’s a long shot, but so are a lot of things. Get out some paper, a pen, an envelope and a stamp and write to:

Jeff Rein
CEO Walgreen’s Corporation
200 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

and tell them how you feel.


3 Responses to “Walgreen’s Take Two: My final post on this thread”

  1. dakeeper said

    We need a check cashing establishment. One of those and a cock-fighting place with lotsa foreign looking guys in flannel shirts and dirty baseball hats.

    How’s that for a thread hijack?

  2. jimh said

    Hello, my name is James Hawkins and I am the CEO of Cockfights-R-Us, the nation’s foremost promoter of rooster rumbling, poultry pounding, family friendly, excitement. Some of you may remember me as the former CEO of the Walgreen’s corporation, I position I held with pride until ousted by some self-righteous Sayville citizens.

    Friends, I must take exception to The Keeper’s (or dakeepr as he is now forced to call himself) constant belittlement of our fine sport. Do you know that thanks to current immigration patterns, cock-fighting has surpassed NASCAR as the fastest growing sport in America? Sure, fast cars are fine, but nothing compares to the pure adrenaline rush of watching two starving roosters rip each other to death.

    We are proud to announce that we are currently in negotiations with the landlord who manages the property currently occupied by Thornhill’s and expect to have our first location open by the spring. We are confident that it will be a success. Sure we are concerned that some folks getting off the ferry may misunderstand our name and arrive expecting a whole different type of entertainment – but you can rest assured that we’ll find a way to satisfy them as well.

    So look for our grand opening. And bring your checks – we cash them too!

  3. dakeeper said

    Lol- ok, but is there nothing more pathetic than two cocks fighting over a prize? I mean, angry, aroused cocks can be dangerous things. I remember seeing a photo of this big, red cock going off on some smaller cock and it’s a horrible thing to see.

    I think perhaps this type of activity is best left in lower-economic areas where the wild cocks are more plentiful.

    I happen to frown upon the sport of cock battling. I think it’s demeaning for the cocks and in my opinion NO COCK should profit from aggressive behavior.

    Thank you for hearing me out sir.

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