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I’m a little sick and tired of these ‘activists’

Posted by dakeeper on December 2, 2006

“There’s a perception that black male youth are more dangerous, more violent and more likely to be armed than their white counterparts,” said activist lawyer Ron Kuby. “That concern about young black men permeates the police department and results in police shooting black youth under circumstances where they would not shoot white people.”

I say, ‘what’s your point Ron?’

Typical quotation from a liberal activist with no clue, no concept of reality. My question is where were the Jesse Jackson’s and the Al Sharpton’s when the trial for the animal that murdered the two black cops is going on? Oh yeah, not enough media coverage. These two race-baiters are nothing more than pompous opportunist’s who use whatever they can to speak out about how they hate cops.

I’ve said this before; the numbers of those that perpetrate crimes speak for themselves. Therefore, me being wary of 4 du-rag wearing blacks in a rusty 1987 toyota corrola is the same as being nervous about flying with 4 unshaven, middle-east looking guys who just purchased one-way tickets and are wearing red bandanas.

Just had to air that out Switters……


One Response to “I’m a little sick and tired of these ‘activists’”

  1. I didn’t see this quote. Was he talking about the recent shooting? Is he trying to say that if a car intentionally struck an officer then twice rammed an unmarked van, that the police would hold their fire if the occupants were white?

    Personally, I think we need to be really careful about racial profiling. If I see four guys who fit the description you gave, I’m still going to give them the benefit of the doubt and treat them like human beings – which they are (bad hygiene or not). But at the same time, we can’t let PC-ness get in the way of common sense. If I’m on a flight with these guys I’m keeping one eye open and I’m hoping that the screeners are paying more attention to them than to the crippled granny in the Invacare 9000 wheelchair.

    This PC stuff really does steam my dumplings. I mean, as a radical centrist I’ll argue that even suspected terrorists are innocent until proven guilty, but the New York Times (which I love and hate) doesn’t seem to feel the same standard applies to the cops involved in this case. Here’s what appears at the bottom of one of the articles about the shooting:

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