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The Truth About Sayville Men

Posted by jimh on December 9, 2006

In a now deleted post on Sayville.com, I had insinuated that, based on our market research, our new Sayville Walgreens would need to stock prophylactics in extra small sizes. Based on what I read in this article, however, I am beginning to suspect that our results may have been skewed. We have certainly learned our lesson and in the future we will not make the mistake of limiting our research sample to the 7-11, the Amoco station, and the card store.

-Jim H.


4 Responses to “The Truth About Sayville Men”

  1. dakeeper said

    Let me guess, you also have an issue with ‘uptown’ people?

  2. jimh said

    You insult me, my good man. Surely you know I am far more clever than the likes of that. I can let it go, but I don’t think I can forgive your failure to make an appropriately humorous and/or offensive response to the above story. You are off my Christmas card list! (actually, my wife already sent them out, so when you get it, would you mind returning it me – I’ve decided to replace you with Eviltwin and I don’t have any extras)

  3. dakeeper said

    Oh, I forgot to check the author. I assumed your board had been visited by the sayville.com troll.

    As for those Indians. all I know is I get mine rolled down to the serial number bro…..

  4. jimh said

    Ah, very well then.

    You may as well keep the card. Those delightful young sprites in front of the tree aren’t really mine anyway. My children are back with their mother in ‘Nam.

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