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Another Thread Bites The Dust

Posted by switters on December 16, 2006

It looks like someone must have complained about The Keeper’s humorous “Season’s Greetings” post and some of the subsequent replies. Keeper can’t see why it was deleted but the answer is clear. It wasn’t your poking at the PC hypocrisy of the left, it was the responses that dared to mock that which we hold most sacred and dear in this country – the retail christmas trade.

You can click here to read the Season’s Greetings Thread. You can also click here to read my rant on the whole “war on Christmas.”


4 Responses to “Another Thread Bites The Dust”

  1. dakeeper said

    Hey Switters, thanks for saving that. I hadn’t even seen any of the replies. When I looked today the thread was gone and I was irritated that something like that was removed, but the hijack replies makes it clear.

  2. fredw said

    I see why now, thought it was the greeting that was removed, but can see thread was taking a turn to the pagen side. Back to stinging my lights 🙂

  3. shlomo said

    excuse my french but sayville.com has been a fucking rag from day one. They are a bunch of liberal pussies sucking on the tit of society..

  4. The Keeper said

    I think the soccer-mom set has alot of sway.

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