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How I Handle Email Spam

Posted by dakeeper on December 17, 2006

Dear Mr. Clinton,

Thanks for your mail but unfortunately you didn’t response well, infact this story is the gospel truth and I would be pleased if could arrange and fly to Ghana and meet me face to face.

Because I did not like the way you responded, because this is not a 419 scandal as you may think.

Thanks for your time being and hope to hear favourably from you soon.



I  wrote:

Go fuck yourself

—– Original Message —–
From: Sandra taylor
Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 8:21 am

> Attn: Dr
> I am Sandra Taylor, from Liberia but seeking political asylum
> here in Accra – Ghana as a refugee. As you are reading this mail,
> our family consignment containing the sum of $ 6 million euros is
> with me at the security company here in Accra-Ghana, and I and my
> younger brother wish to invest this money in any of the overseas
> countries according to your directives as we lost our father in the
> political crises in our country.
> The first beneficiary who wanted to assist us invests our funds
> was among the victims of the Egyptian Flight that crash into the
> Red Sea when He was traveling to France for a business trip.
> The fund is with the security company well secured. So I am
> looking for foreign partner who will be capable enough to assist us
> on this business. And if it would possible for you to come down to
> Accra Ghana to assist us carry the fund to your country I think
> that will be better, I as the eldest in the family now is appealing
> and willing to enter into a partnership contract with you only if
> you will assist me invest this funds by having it remitted to your
> account or to a safe account after which we shall go into a
> partnership investment with you.
> As soon as you receive this message, contact me on my mail for
> more details as it is very important. Note that some reasonable
> percentage has been mapped out for your assistance regards to this
> deal, which shall be among what we shall discuss when I receive
> your response.
> Sandra Taylor.
> __________________________________________________
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2 Responses to “How I Handle Email Spam”

  1. I love your response – so eloquent, so poetic, so appropriate. But I really love the fact that they wrote back to you. As if you’d suddenly realize that YOU were wrong. After all, she specifically wrote “this is not a 419 scandal,” so it must be legit. LOL

  2. dakeeper said

    lol- I laughed hard when I got a response. I get alot of those- amazing that people fall for it.

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