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Medieval Times

Posted by switters on December 20, 2006

Portsmouth High School, in Rhode Island, is telling a student that his choice of yearbook pictures is unacceptable because it violates their zero tolerance policy against weapons. While the school has a tradition of letting students use their pictures to express their individuality and share their interests, they draw the line when a student’s interests include things like dressing up in medieval garb.

(Read the whole story here.)

Exactly how a picture of a kid in faux chain mail holding a sword presents a danger to the students isn’t exactly clear. But we shouldn’t think too much about it because the whole point of zero-tolerance policies is to save administrators the trouble of thinking at all. (read some great examples of zero tolerance fun here). It is amazing that so many schools and school systems are run by people who show an active disdain for logic, cognition, and rational thought.

But such arguments are wasted on this administration, as they are standing firm (one would probably be suspended for using the phrase “sticking to their guns”). Or are they?

What raises this tale beyond the typical PC-ism run amok story, (so prevalent know that it’s now PC to be anti-PC) is a level of hypocrisy that would embarrass Mark Foley. While they are adamant that he cannot use the picture as his official yearbook photo, they have suggested that he purchase an ad in the yearbook and run the picture there. The message is clear: an image that is considered harmful and violent and in opposition to the school’s standards is perfectly acceptable as long as someone is paying for it. Way to go Portsmouth High! Keep on teaching those kids the lessons that really matter.


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