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The Meaning of Pride

Posted by switters on December 23, 2006

Driving down Johnson yesterday, I noticed a bumper sticker taped loosely to the inside rear window of the car ahead of me. As I got closer I saw it was the ubiquitous purple”Proud Parent of a Sayville Middle School Honor Student” decals.

Quite proud, no doubt.

Not proud enough to actually affix it permanently, mind you. And it sure shows a great deal of confidence in your child to mount it so it can be easily removed next marking period if need be.

Or maybe the parent was making a statement about the true value of these stickers. It sometimes seems that it would be easier and cheaper to give bumper stickers to every town resident who doesn‘t have a kid on the honor roll.

Or maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe the parents value the sticker so much that they don’t want to lose it when they trade in the car. I believe it was a 2004 model, and to read some of the posts on the Sayille.com forum, no self-respecting Sayvillian would dare drop off his or her children at the Cherry Avenue Soccer fields, pick them up drunk from a Middle School dance or show up at the family therapist in a vehicle more than 3 years old.


I hate to sully this post and tarnish my curmudgeonly credentials, but I have to end this by pointing out that I really don’t mean half of what I wrote – it’s all in good fun. (especially the part about the honor roll – It is, as it’s name suggests, an honor for those kids, and their parents should be proud.)


One Response to “The Meaning of Pride”

  1. dakeeper said

    Hey- that coulda been my car…..

    I’m gonna get you one of those ‘My son is inmate of the month…’


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