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Another Correction for Newsday

Posted by switters on January 8, 2007

I am writing this as an open letter to the editors, altought it has long been quite clear that editing is one of the aspects of running a newspaper upon which Newsday places little value (other such aspects include journalistic integrity, accuracy, and respect for their audience).

In the story today on Ari Kraft, you refer to him as a “graffiti artist.” The correct term is “VANDAL.”

You describe his actions that night as “seeking the thrill of seeing his tag, “Kos,” spray painted on signal boxes.” The correct phrase is “intending to commit criminal mischief by defacing public property.”

You report that “Kraft’s family and City Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing) have expressed outrage over the holes in the fencing that Kraft used to enter the property. One was 6 feet wide, they noted.” But you fail to provide the context that the holes were made by vandals like Ari Kraft.

I will be looking forward to this being noted on your corrections page shortly.


16 Responses to “Another Correction for Newsday”

  1. dakeeper said

    Lol. Isn’t it funny how they skillfully resort to labels in aneffort to distort the readers comprehension of the material?

    The guy the city cops shot was not a ‘man’ but a ‘groom’ in every article.

    We are always referred to as ‘guards’ (hence the knuckle-dragging sadist comparisons)

    I can go on and on….

  2. NEMO said

    Oh, the “groom” issue…isn’t it commonplace for grooms to spend their last night of freedom at strip joints, with drugs and hookers, while the mother of their children hole up back at the ranch?

    And to call a “vandal” a graffiti artist seems to glorify the act of vandalizing someone else’s property, to me at least.

    I’m sick and tired of “politically correct”…what ever happened to the days of free speech and ‘telling it like it is’?…Hmmmm…..

  3. dakeeper said

    It’s completely wrong what they do. I especially love it when they forget details like say…uh, oh yeah, that guy in the city had an extensive criminal record and was in a gang. I really loved it when they covered the crips and bloods having a ‘unified’ protest in support of their fallen comrade. The papers made it sound like a Cub Scout outing. I guess they forgot that crips and bloods are violent criminal gangs who commit armed robberies, murder, and distribute drugs. What the gangs were REALLY doing was using the shooting to have a free excuse to go out and proclaim to the world ‘FUCK THE POL-LICE YA’LL!!!’.

    It’s comical how slanted they can be….whatever.

    Now we have the people at Sayville.com deleting avatars, as well as posts. They deleted my pot-smoker link. The ‘friendliest town in America’ is exempt from weed smokers, I guess. Gotta keep our youth insulated from images of Ganja….w00t!!!

  4. NEMO said

    Oh, apparently I am not allowed to log on to a former forum anymore…I must contact the administrator, they tell me. At least you still have a user name! Watch out…you could be unexpectedly deleted at anytime!

    My thoughts: Newsday is a communist newspaper. Soccer moms suck.

    Thanks, Switters, for this space where we can share our honest feelings without being poo-poo’ed or deleted! 🙂

  5. dakeeper said

    I have evidently been banned from Sayville.com without any measure of due process. I guess it’s back to Brownie recipes and ‘where the fuck is Jack Mehoff from the class of ’78’? requests.


  6. Jesse James said

    Wow, you guys are lost man. I’m guessing you’ve either lead very sheltered existences or got picked on a lot. You really don’t understand the first thing about life. It’s not this movie with bad guys and good guys like you seem to think. It (life) is also unlike a movie in that there aren’t these extreme blacks and whites with everything, it’s not gangs = bad, cops = good, there’s so much grey area. And yes, it does seem the tradition, across racial lines, for American grooms to have a bachelor party thrown for them at a strip club. Does he deserve to die because he was at a strip club? This extremist stance you guys adhere to must weigh so heavily upon you. And as for the kid who got hit by the train, RIP. I will agree with you on the fact that it’s no fault of the LIRR. It’s only his fault. However, those holes are most frequently made by bums and individuals living on the tracks or just hanging out there, and that’s a fact.

  7. Hey, Jesse, thanks for the life lessons. You’re right, I do lead a sheltered life, so tonight I’m going to go out and drive my car into an unmarked police cruiser on a stakeout, ignore orders to stop, and then attempt to run down another cop – just to see what it’s like on the other side. But don’t worry about me. Since I’m white they won’t shoot at me (even if most of the cops, like the ones who shot Sean Bell, are minorities themselves).

    Not clear about your point on Ari Kraft – unless you missed my point. The LIRR did not make the holes in the fence – they were made by vandals. Vandals who wanted to hang out, vandals who were looking for a place to sleep, vandals who intended to destroy property, whatever. They were vandals just like Ari Kraft was a vandal.

    Ari did not deserve to die, nor did Sean Bell. But both of them put themselves in positions where a series of events over which they did have control led to events over which they did not and caused their deaths. In both instances the newspaper reports intentionally chose words that would draw attention away from those individuals’ culpability in their own deaths. We could argue about why they do it, but you can’t deny that repeatedly referring to Bell as a groom creates an emotional resonance that simply calling him a man would not and referring to Kraft as a graffiti artist rather than a petty criminal lends his actions a legitimacy which they do not deserve.

    Finally, you’re right – everything isn’t always black and white. Maybe cops aren’t always good, but you’ve got some work to do if you want anybody here to believe that “gangs = bad” is a false equation.

  8. dakeeper said

    What are you talking about? Sheltered life? Far from it guy. Let me give you a heaping helping of reality: Not every ‘groom’ is a gang-banger with a criminal background hanging out at a known perp joint with other gang members. Did he deserve to die? No. Did he and his homies put themselves in a bad spot by trying to bolt from a bust? Uh, yeah.

    …and what part of my post was extreme? I take it you’re the one living in a bubble. If you read the posts you’d realize we were bashing the media, not whether or not grooms have bachelor parties at strip clubs.

    Grey area? With gangs? I don’t really understand the point you’re trying to make, other than telling me I’m lost. I welcome anyone to expose themselves to the shit I encounter on a daily basis and then deny it changes their attitude towards certain segments of our society.

    Spare me the Dr. Phil routine.

  9. NEMO said

    Regarding gangs….are they good and I have yet to receive the memo? Ooops, must have miss that episode of Dr. Phil!

  10. millpond said

    “Holes in the fence” suggest it is someone elsed fault.

  11. dakeeper said

    Typical hit and run troll. No argument- just a lame post and dissappears.

    So if I get hit by a truck while throwing eggs at someone’s house does that make me a ‘devoted dairy product hurler’ who died ‘doing what I loved’?

    If I shoot out a car window with a pellet gun and then roughed up by the cops does that make me a ‘mistreated marksman’ who was ‘assaulted by cops after exercising my rights to practice my exceptional shooting skills’?

    Better yet, if I cut the fence to a water tower, climb to the top and paint a GIANT phallic symbol complete with hairy kiwis, and then accidentally fall to my death, does that make me a ‘fledgling artist who tragically fell to the death after completing a beautiful anatomical expression’?

    Check please…..

  12. Faust said

    Right on about Ari Kraft, he was no angel.

    He was tresspassing on LIRR property with the intent to vandalize LIRR property.

    What’s the over/under on the amount the folks will ask for in their inevitible lawsuit.

  13. NEMO said

    Since I have been banned from sayville.com, I just thought I’d share this with my fellow Sayvillites who may tune in to Switters:

    My daughter attends Sunrise Drive and there was a blurb in the most recent newsletter regarding recess during the winter. According to district policy, students will have an outdoor recess UNLESS THE TEMP DROPS BELOW 15 DEGREES, INCLUDING WIND CHILL.

    This is public knowledge…it came home on the printed newsletter in the backpack.

  14. dakeeper said

    Why don’t you sign up under another name? Were you banned by IP or just the name? What did you write that got you banned? I’m still trying to figure out what did in my ‘Keeper’ name.

  15. NEMO said

    I tried again tonight to log on to sayville.com under a different name…(Lordy, I do need a life!)…apparently I have some firewalls which prevent me from logging on. Oy vey! I guess it’s not THEIR fault after all! I must say that my life has been more centered and less stressful since I’ve been off sayville.com. I do enjoy your posts on there, Keeper/Heretic (Dick? DUH!) and Switters…you guys tell it like it is; you are honest, non-judgemental, humble, and humourous! We need more people in this town who can make light of certain situations, like you both do.

    For the record, Sunrise Drive kept kids indoors for recess today. I watched the temp all day…it was 28 degrees and higher. I’m not sure about the wind chill, maybe it was colder than it “felt”. Having grown up in New England, I guess I am thick-skinned when it comes to the weather…a little fresh air never killed anyone! 🙂 I wonder if it was truly too cold to go outdoors, or if cold weather recess is truly an issue because of overly protective parents?

  16. dakeeper said

    Lol- yes, I’m a ‘Dick’. I told her maybe if she became a little more familiar with ‘dick’ then maybe she wouldn’t be so uptight. What a moron. I got bored with her. I think she is definitely a disturbed person (her pedophile comment was nasty).

    Why were you stressed on there? It’s entertainment. Where else can you go to see your neighbors make fools of themselves and expose their illiteracy?

    I don’t get this District. They’ll make parents and bus drivers drive in snow and ice yet temperature is an issue with people? I’m all for fresh air for kids. I tell my sons to wear hats and gloves- I don’t force them- they’ll figure it out when their digits are blue and their head hurts.

    Stay tuned in and have some laughs.

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