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Bad Neighbor Post

Posted by dakeeper on January 8, 2007

So someone posted a complaint about some prickly old shmucks that they live next to. Evidently these pricks called the town- hey!…sounds like my neighbor- DICK…no, his name is not Richard.

Anyway, someone relied with this:

You could try the guilt-trip approach……
Maybe you can write a note to each of your neighbors not in a confrontational way. Something like: I realise we have gotten off to a bad start. Mr and Mrs Crabgrass have brought it to our attention that we are “not liked nor are we wanted” on this street. We are very excited to be first time homeowners and are certain that each of you remember the very first time you owned a house. Please try to get to know us a little as we would love to get to know. To be so misjudged and misunderstood in addition to having township agencies at our house looking for violations as a result is not the way we wish to remember our first year of living here. We really are great people as is evident in the show of support from our friends and family.

While that’s all fine and dandy, I prefer ‘Go Fuck Yourself and die’.


2 Responses to “Bad Neighbor Post”

  1. NEMO said

    dakeeper, are you my eviltwin?

    I love the fact that you tell it like it is, plain and simple.

  2. ceo said

    i think he may be a crazy man or a drug deal. but what realty think is the person that set up the blog is a MALF and the male neighbor cant have some. so he a richard (dick) to u.

    your friend, BPPD

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