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This could be the last time…

Posted by switters on January 23, 2007

If you ask me, it’s getting kind of old, this routine of threads on the Sayville.com forum getting deleted and then me posting them on this blog. I think I’m done with it.

I started capturing them to make a point or because I thought some were worth saving due to some worthwhile issues being raised or at least for their comedic value.

But even as I took “snapshots” of the latest thread (knowing as we all did that it was destined for oblivion) I was wondering what the point was. For the most part, it was just a lot of childish back and forth with no real value whatsoever. The first thing that becomes clear if you read through the posts is that there are some very ignorant people in our town. Or at least people who like to put forth offensive views just to get a reaction from other people. Why would this be worth preserving?

I could have stopped at that. But if you really look there is more positive side. On the whole, for every vile and/or ridiculous post there are an equal or greater number that are not only intelligible, but well reasoned and intelligent. If you want to take something away from this thread, it isn’t that our town is populated by morons, it’s actually the opposite.  Based on this it seems the majority  are people who can and will respond to ignorance in an intelligent and reasonable way.

So for anyone who is late to the party and wants to see what the fuss was about, or for anyone who wants to re-read it all, here is the deleted “bad houses in our town” thread: Page 1(oldest) . . . Page 2 . . . Page 3 (newest).

There were also a few posts added after my last capture.

  • Eviltwin popped in to say hi and I accused him (jokingly, maybe) of having multiple personality disorder and congratulated him on the birth of his twins.
  • crocuscottage posted a response that I think is absolutely worth re-posting here, even if nothing else is:

Yes, SEPTA’s events have been great, we belong. Our child has the best time every year at the Christmas Party at the West Sayville Fire Dept.
Not to mention the Awards Dinner at Collins & Main, tasty!
I will tell you something, Special Ed is a blessing. Our child is in the Learning Center and is thriving, they challenge her mind and she just keeps going. Not all children in SE have trouble learning, behaving, or with social activities, we have the opposite, way too smart, observant and a master manipulator with social handicaps. She had the 1st Grade convinced she was unable to read or write, but scored above 3rd Grade on all the tests……some above the 6th Grade….Can charm the pants off a room of adults, but can not get along with classmates….
Many will never know how as a parent watching your child struggle with something that to others is so easy, and natural, the pain and hurt that you have inside. How many times the tears come to us I will never be able to count.

  • millpond tried to defend his position with the following post. I am reprinting it here in the interest of accuracy and because I don’t believe in censorship. Even the casual reader can see pretty clearly that he makes a completely unsubstantiated accusation in his second sentence and that the links and evidence his presents do not support his original claim in the slightest:

Below is information about where most legitimate special education students come from these days. I say legitimate because many parents have their kids identifed as special ed just to get accomodations on an IEP. People make personal attacks because they cannot argue the merits.

“The problem of drug abuse “has developed a new face–the face of a baby,”

“crack-affected children are beginning to walk through the doors of public schools across the country. Many members of this new “bio-underclass,” a term coined by drug abuse expert Douglas Besharov, will require special services for developmental, behavioral, psychosocial, and learning problems caused by drug exposure.”

“Behavioral characteristics commonly seen in these children include heightened response to internal and external stimuli, irritability, agitation, tremors, hyperactivity, speech and language delays, poor task organization and processing difficulties, problems related to attachment and separation, poor social and play skills, and motor development delays ”


“The price tag of addressing the needs of drug-affected children is difficult to estimate because it is unclear what proportion will need to be placed in self-contained special education classrooms, where the cost per pupil is considerably higher than in regular classrooms.”

“children are likely to need costly services – from postnatal intensive care at a hospital to special-education programs in school. “

You are free to leave comments below and I am interested to hear what people have to say, if anything at all. I think people have been hesitant to comment because of the requirement that you enter an e-mail address so I’ll give you a hint that a few people have already figured out – you can make up an e-mail address if you want to maintain your privacy.


7 Responses to “This could be the last time…”

  1. dakeeper said

    Ok, so what category of poster do you have me in?

    Btw- I never ask a question I don’t know or think I know the answer to…heheh

  2. switters said

    I think we can agree that you’re in a category all your own. heheh-heh.

  3. NEMO said

    switters, thank you for your blog! As a Sayville parent who did not grow up here as a child but is a proud Sayville Graduate, I see this town with an open mind. I am fed up with sayville.com for a few reasons…I am confused about the monarchy on the website….I’ve been lurking on the site for as long as it’s been available.

    I am frustrated with the lack of freedom generated on sayville.com. The “forum” is supposed to be freedom of speech and general conversation. Unfortunately, it has become a defensive place, and important thoughts and ideas have been deleted for reasons unknown.

    Switters, keep up these blogs….I am thankful for an unjudgemental place to put my opinions and humor….and I have a wacky sense of humor!


  4. millpond said

    Most students that are designated learning disabled are no such thing, they get that label because of pushy parents. Did you see the high number of parents that said their kids were in special ed, and the way they went beserk because of my post? This is the reason schools give in. Many are just looking for an edge by getting accomodations on an IEP.

    Most REAL learning disabled students are the result of drugs:

    1. Drug (Alcohol) use by the pregnant mother.
    2. Bad reactions to vaccines etc.
    3. Drunken, flying high mother beats child and causes brain damage.

  5. NEMO said

    There are many strong feelings here…

  6. switters said

    I’m not going to delete your post but I’m also not going to keep going back and forth either. This is the second time you’ve said something like “most students that are designated learning disabled are no such thing” and the second time you’ve said “most learning disabled students are the result of drugs.” If these things are your opinions then you are entitled to hold them. But if you are trying to say they are facts then you should offer some evidence. The links you posted say that children of drug users are often special ed students but you know very well (I suspect you’re not an idiot) that this has nothing to do with the population of special ed students as a whole.

  7. dakeeper said

    Thank you for your endorsement! As for the forum, I was once going to post a story about the owner of Stadtmullers, well, I guess he’s no longer the owner. Anyway, I didn’t post it because I saw they were a big sponsor on the page. I guessed it would’ve stayed up for about 5 minutes. I think boards are a place to air stuff out. In my case it’s a place to ridicule people who say stupid things- like ‘hey, there’s a cop going down my street, anyone know why?’…wtf is that all about? When I was young we just used to walk out the front door and watch- now they stay behind the computer and ask questions….yeah, I’m a nitpicker.

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