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A Nod to the Brave Men and Women of the Nassau County Police Department

Posted by switters on February 3, 2007

We who live peaceful, sheltered lives, must remember to be aware of those individuals who make incredible sacrifices to help insure our continued survival and our pursuit of happiness. People who endure the unthinkable so that we . . . don’t have to think about it.

I read with morbid fascination the story (in Newsday) about the two swingers who were recently arrested in Nassau County:

“The Franklin Square man and East Hampton woman who Nassau police said met casual sex seekers on the Internet and videotaped them engaging in a variety of sex acts to extort tens of thousands of dollars now blame each other for their roles in the scandal.

The barbs flew back and forth Thursday as police revealed that at in addition to the two victims who first came forward, at least two other people have notified police on behalf of people who they believe are victims of the couple’s blackmail scam, an operation authorities said was run efficiently. Police said the suspects compiled detailed ledgers, video and still images of victims, like shrewd business owners.”

A bit sensational and tawdry so far, but nothing horrific….yet.

A sudden realization came to me as my eye simultaneously caught these pictures and the following quote:


“As police began watching more than 100 hours of footage of sex among mostly New York State residents…”

OH….MY…..GOD……..The police actually have to WATCH the video! And as heinous as THAT sounds, think about this: I doubt the people they conned look like Orlando Bloom or Elisha Cuthbert.

When I think about what those officers are enduring, I must truly question the existence of a just and merciful god.

This is one I think Mike Rowe would reject.


3 Responses to “A Nod to the Brave Men and Women of the Nassau County Police Department”

  1. dakeeper said

    I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as you seem- if anything they were probably cracking up half the time. I know I would.

    I often wish Mike Rowe could experience some of the nasty shit we deal with. Ever stand next to a stranger while he sticks his fingers down his throat and vomits his dinner and splatters your pants? Then he reaches into the bowl and hands you items dripping with stringy vomitus and bile which you have to bag? Delicious. I’d take a video of fat slobs banging away over that….

  2. switters said

    Yeah, Keeper, my dad (former NYPD) has a few stories like that too. And the guys who process those lovely creatures and put them into the holding cells have some wonderful tales to tell too. (let’s just say it’s amazing the risks some people will take to hide weapons and drugs- I know you know what I mean.)

    I’m sure there’s a whole slew of “dirty jobs” related to law enforcement that Mr. Rowe will never know.

  3. dakeeper said


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