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Sayville.com Troll Infestation

Posted by dakeeper on February 5, 2007

It’s official:  Sayville.com is troll infested.  Just read the current posts and you can see how lame they are in trying to spark meaningless discussion (as if it really isn’t meaningless after all).  I’ve chosen to ignore Foxfan and her friends, if they are not other people at all and not just the same person.  I found it funny that she would think someone would try to find her if they knew where she had lunch….

 Anyway, I long for the days when we could hate each other over the Library.  When is the next hot debate coming up?


16 Responses to “Sayville.com Troll Infestation”

  1. NEMO said

    One could always go back to the old library debate to put a little spark in the thread…the library issue always seems to get people all fired up! Of course, I would only follow along, as I can’t seem to figure out how to get back into the sayville.com loop! 🙂

    I really don’t care where or when foxfan had lunch…she’s lucky she gets to break for lunch!

    What shall we debate next?

  2. dakeeper said

    Ok, I couldn’t help myself any longer. Go to sayville.com before they delete my posts to that idiot…

    …..I, just couldn’t stand it any longer………help me……

  3. NEMO said


    You WILL be deleted, my friend. Probably sooner than later! 🙂

    For the record, Sayville wasn’t VOTED the Friendliest Town in America (as per sayville.com)…somebody from California did a study in the eraly 1990’s and deemed it that. I honestly feel that the people in this town are very snobbish and not very friendly at all.

    Keeper, I must say that I honestly respect your writings and your opinions. Moreso than the garbage that is posted on that site. Both you and Switters add a touch of sarcastic humor to the thread, which is what we all need to maintain sanity. Keep the chuckles coming!

  4. switters said


    re: friendliest town

    Please see this post

  5. switters said

    Keeper wrote: “When is the next hot debate coming up?”

    My money’s on the school budget. You know the same chuckleheads who complained about the librarians commode are already planning to vote it down – no need to wait for facts or details.

  6. dakeeper said

    Nemo thanks- I see they edited my post- it doesn’t seem as funny as when I wrote it.

    Tony Montana said it best. They need people like us. We’re the bad guys….

    I will continue to be ‘fair and balanced’ in my mockery of all.

    As afar as this ‘friendliest’ stuff goes. Switters, remember what i told you about my neighbor? I hear the words ‘friendliest town in America’ and all I see is him scurrying back to his house yelling ‘F*ck You!’…so for some reason I get confused when I hear that saying…

    Do you guys think alot of people read thhe Sayville.com forum? Have you heard anyone talking about it?

  7. NEMO said

    Re: The Friendliest Town in America…it ain’t Sayville!

  8. dakeeper said

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, or in this case a dead joke, but the ‘signs’ written on the side of Eckerd’s are much more of an accurate description as to what this town is about….

  9. NEMO said

    I think that a very small percentage of the general public actually read the sayville.com forum. Most of my friends think I am NUTS for reading and following the forum…maybe I AM nuts but it keeps me entertained and also gives me some insight into the mentality of my neighbors! I enjoy the discussions and debates (well, most of them…) and I especially love how you both (Switters and Heretic) present issues with open minds. Many people in this town are wearing blinders and think they live in a perfect oasis, when in reality Sayville is just another regular place where people work to live and live to work.

    Bye for now!

  10. aquariuscook said

    come on guys cant we debate about how having pure unadulterated garbage snacks in the cafeteria is a kids right. I love to listen to people debate over their right to poison their kids. Ritalin and little debbie anyone?

  11. dakeeper said

    Yes, I’d like my kids to eat better. We try to limit trans fats and artichokes in my house….

  12. NEMO said

    Protein, raw foods, and water…whoo hoo!

  13. switters said

    Yes, I’d like my kids to eat better. We try to limit trans fats and artichokes in my house….

    Now that’s funny, because about the only thing we eat at my house is artichokes slathered in margarine.

  14. switters said


    Unfortunately, I’m not available Tuesday nights so I’m sorry I wasn’t there to support you. But what exactly happened?

  15. Faust said

    A junk free lunch room, what mean people we have in town.

    Sometimes the junk food is better than the tater tots and horsemeat the school is serving.

    The easy solution to this if your kid is fat or sporting fillings like he’s 50 Cent is to not give them money for junk food. And keep the stuff out of the house as well.

    Till then I’m having Doritos with every meal, yummmm

    PS. artichokes are as nasty as califlower and brussel sprouts

  16. dakeeper said

    I’m sick of them…

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