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Sayville May or May Not Be the Friendliest Town

Posted by switters on February 6, 2007

Sayville may or may not be the friendliest town but it sure is the most self-assured. As evidence, take a look at the Sayville.com/forum. What do you see? Lots of opinions and ideas and thoughts. What do you not see? Anyone ever admitting they were wrong or that someone else might actually be making a good point.

Now, I will admit that this behavior is the norm in online forums. After all, people who spend countless hours arguing back and forth with semi-literate strangers, over issues that are either irrelevant or over which they have no control whatsoever, clearly are the most intelligent people on Earth, and so it makes sense that they would almost never be mistaken about anything. But you will, if you look at other forums, occasionally see people acknowledging that they might, just might, not know everything. Yes, people out there do sometimes, when confronted with sufficient evidence, admit they were wrong. Just not on Sayville.com.

The tendency seems to be to do one of two things. Either ignore the post that you don’t like, or just repeat what you previously said (despite it being disproved), hoping that later readers won’t scroll all the way down. But I’m not being critical here – this is something to be proud of, fellow Sayvillians. Let us be celebrate our stick-to-it-iveness, our fierce determination to defend our positions in the face of that terrible trio that tries to get in our way: the truth, common sense, and the facts.

Some reading this may say, “Hey, Switters, you’re just as guilty as the rest of us.”  Mabye so.  I’ll paraphrase one of my heros, who said:  “yeah, but I feel guilty about it!”


2 Responses to “Sayville May or May Not Be the Friendliest Town”

  1. dakeeper said

    Hey- I think I can honestly say that whatever I write I’d say in person- although I would never mess with a NASA astronaut carrying mace and wearing a trenchcoat.

    I’ve been to many forums, Sayville.com is no different. I just find it amusing how STOO-PID some people expose themselves to be.

    I’ve met Switters- we had a court date. I’m gonna set up a booth at the next summerfest and hold court with all the regulars, dicks or not, and I’ll have a cold keg….

  2. Kathy said

    I know this is an older article, but I wanted to comment. I live in Sayville and can honestly say that this town is no more friendly than any other L.I. town. Most people are nice, without a doubt. But there are two distinct cliques: those who grew up here and those who didn’t. And the first group does not really socialize with the latter. I have made some wonderful friends here. So have my children. But our next door neighbors have got to be the unfriendliest people around, actually calling in a complaint to the fire dept, because we had a fire in our chiminea. They actually peer through our fence to look for things to complain about. So you win some, you lose some.

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