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Would a little conservation really kill you?

Posted by switters on March 11, 2007

While sales of Hummers and other large SUVs have dropped off, there are still plenty of people buying them. And I still hear lots of people talking about fuel and oil consumption as if being ostentatiously wasteful was not just an American right, but an actual obligation of citizenship.

Excuse me, folks, but have you noticed there’s a war going on? Well, as this great piece from the Christian Science Monitor points out, apparently not.

On Sayville.com, Heretic brought up a good point about buying your gas from Citgo. I mean, you have people who want to boycott this company or that store for every minor reason you can imagine, but they don’t hesitate to hand their money over to  corporations that are state-owned by lunatic dictators who denounce our country. But in truth, this is just part of a larger picture. Chavez is just small potatoes and for all his bluster he’s basically just a harmless windbag. Venezuela poses no real threat to our national security.

The fact is, nearly every country we buy our oil from is either an open enemy of America, a minor threat to our country, provides safe harbor for terrorists, or actively supports them. And no matter where you stand on the political spectrum or what you believe about our reasons for going to war in Iraq, you can’t deny that Saddam would never have been a player on the word stage if not for the oil in Iraq. Indeed, if not for oil, our interest in that part of the world be be fairly close to nil. (As a side note, there is an economic theory that even people in that part of the world would be better off if they’d never had oil wealth).

But too many people don’t seem to care.

They’ll slap a “support the troops” magnet on the back of a vehicle that gets 15 miles to a gallon or put up the flag in front of a house in which they’ve left the air conditioning on all day, purposefully oblivious to the fact that their actions are enriching our enemies and helping to ensure future conflicts (i.e. more dead Americans and others). All because of some incredible, inflated sense of entitlement.

While I’m not saying we should all trade in our cars for Vespas and watch TV by candlelight, would a little conservation really kill us? There are men and women literally dying overseas every day on behalf of our country and we have people here who think it’s too much of a sacrifice to buy a slightly smaller car or have to wait a few minutes for the house to cool down when they get home from work in the summer.


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