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I’ll sue you my pretty, and your little dog too!

Posted by switters on March 13, 2007

Some thoughts on the “witch teacher” story.

1) On the Topix.net forum you have some folks taking the teacher’s side, saying the principal is a born-again nut job who was trying to push his religion and was persecuting this woman. Others write that the the principal did nothing wrong and this teacher was let go because she’s unstable and incompetent. But it isn’t it possible (read: likely) that he is a fanatical idiot AND she is also an unstable, incompetent teacher who deserved to lose her job?

2) I don’t like it when people try to push their beliefs on me and I don’t care for those evince a constant air of superiority because their god is better than mine. But at the same time, I think it’s pretty unfair the way we automatically pre-judge, condemn, and dismiss anyone who is born-again. I love how the people who are so quick to claim religious discrimination on behalf of this teacher are ready to run the principal out on a rail on one woman’s word just because he’s a devout Christian. (I’m not saying he’s right, btw, refer back to point 1)

3) Just another example of the sorry state of journalism in this country. Here’s the last paragraph from the New York Times story:

“Mr. Stern conducted a heated cross-examination of Ms. Berrios. As it ended, she stared hard at him and he coughed. Mr. Albano went to pour him some water but spilled some on the table, prompting the judge to come down from the bench to help clean it up. “The government doesn’t buy us new furniture,” he said.”

Oh, I get it. You’re trying to make us wonder if she’s really a witch. At least I think you are. If not, then what was the point of this paragraph? And either way, what’s the point of closing with the quote from the judge? How does that fit into your little “is she really a witch?” gag or into the story at all for that matter? Do they not have copy editors at the New York Times anymore?

B- for effort and an incomplete for the execution.


5 Responses to “I’ll sue you my pretty, and your little dog too!”

  1. dakeeper said

    The Ny Times lost alot of credibility when they fired Jayson Blair- now there was a beacon of journalistic integrity.

    I suspect the NY Times is not the same paper it was when my Grandfather used to have it spread out on the kitchen table on Sunday mornings….

    Evil teachers, eh?

  2. switters said

    The New York Times is the worst newspaper in New York (except for all the others). Seriously, despite the fact that I can find something to get pissed off about in it pretty much every day, it still is my third favorite daily newspaper. (behind the Wall Street Journal and the Christian Science Monitor).

    As far as evil teachers. Well, we all know a few who have warts on their noses, don’t we?

  3. dakeeper said

    Yeah, well, I still have a soft spot for those couple of smoking hot teachers who broke in their students- I know it was wrong and criminal, but damn were they hot! Most of my teachers looked like Joy Behar.

    You read the CSM?

  4. SJDF13 said

    Gosh I actually pay alot for the NY times out here in LA, you want to see a worthless paper, not even worthy of lining a birdcage, go pick up a copy of an LA Times.

    As for hot teachers I was lucky and had a few of them, I wonder what they look like now. reminds me of 7th grade history at Sayvill Jr. High and a statement that a freind made regarding our teacher that almost got us all thrown out of class.
    Our teacher just having returned from vacation was wearing a loose fitting sweater and bent over her desk shuffling through papers hence the comment-

    “Wow Ms. Misson’s got tan tits” my buddy probably should not have said that as loud as he did, nor should we have all immediatly turned to stare down her sweater to confirm that assessment for ourselves. She did though and they were grand!

  5. dakeeper said

    I had to take two of my kids over to the JHS last summer for SCOPE. When I went to pick them up one day there was this teacher waiting outside and she was smoking hot, not just teacher hot. Most of the teachers I had when I was in school were Nurse Ratchett types.

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