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More Sayville.com Shenanigans

Posted by dakeeper on March 17, 2007

Ok, here’s a great idea. Let’s post a picture of a chimp with a gun and post it with a blurb about ‘criminals from other towns coming into Sayville’. Wtf are you thinking?? I’m into funny stuff but c’mon, that was just lame. Not only was it bad but you just had a 19 year old white kid get busted with serious drug charges and another white guy put a gun to his neighbors head causing the gunman’s white wife to kill herself with another gun. The whole ‘we’re innocent pigs in toyland’ crap ain’t flying dude.

If, as it is so apparently clear, that you want to be funny, please be original.


12 Responses to “More Sayville.com Shenanigans”

  1. switters said


  2. dakeeper said

    Lol- these people are truly f-ed up. You know, I call it like I see it. I don’t pull punches. I state the facts and take the heat. I have to laugh at these clowns on sayville.com like say,..uh…Foxfan for example. Is it just me or is this a person who really has no clue how foolish they sound? I think your (Switters) hyperlink skills have repeatedly exposed Foxfan’s and other posters to be hypocrites and fools with regards to making contradictory statements.
    I hope she has here usual supporters rally around her again, calling us ‘forum bullies’ so they can be relentlessly mocked.
    What does this all mean? Not a damn thing, but it sure beats CSPAN and is almost as funny as Sanjaya beating singers much more talented than he is and watching their faces when Ryan Seacrest tells them their done……

  3. Faust said

    I think Foxfan is a few brain cells short of walking upright.

  4. dakeeper said

    She’s a blowhard. Typical troll who likes to post absolutely meaningless drivel that only she laughs at. I honestly don’t think she even realizes her own hypocrisy.

    She has turned sayville.com into a joke. It’s pathetic. I had fun during the library debate but since she popped up I yawn alot. Oh well.

  5. switters said

    Actually, I think its me who’s a few brain cells short for engaging in debates with these people. I mean, really… why do I bother?

  6. dakeeper said

    She has me going tonight. I have to stop. It’s like watching a drunk acting badly at a wedding. You feel bad for them but it’s so freakin’ funny you can’t help but watch. She is really disturbed.

  7. SJDF13 said

    Well guys I just have to say since discovering this site, (thanks for the link switters)I have to say a few things.
    1. I no longer live in Sayville, I live in Los Angeles CA, but I grew up in Sayville and have lots of family still there.
    2. I used to go by HibbityJibbity on the forums but for some reason I can no longer log in (it must be a consiracy)

    That being said I am easily amused at how ignorant many of these people are. I was a good kid sort of growing up, but my god there were tons of drugs and booze, and vandalism, and just about every other form of debauchery you can think of and I had found that all by 10th grade, and this was back in 1990 so not too long ago. Everytime I return from cali for a trip to visit my family I am amazed at the kids there and the lack of common sense of most of the adults around town.

    Oh and I did grow up in south sayville and yes saw all this stuff happen down there, probably worse than most people think.

    I am just glad there are some people like you to keep it real, I would love to see Dakeeper on my next trip back in June, Patrolling Main Street with a cricket bat smacking some sense into people!

  8. dakeeper said

    Yo SJ! What up son???!!! I can say this in response to what you said: there are more than enough f-ed up people in this town. For such a small, relatively quiet ‘hamlet’, we have some top-shelf assholes amongst us- my neighbor being at the top of that list. What a punk.

    In my experiences in being a volunteer in Sayville little league and Cub Scouts I have seen people do some unbelievably rude and obnoxious things, as well as just plain selfish acts. As a dad who watched his son try to play football on a Sayville youth league team I was appalled at the behavior of some of those coaches, and I let them know it, too, in front of everyone.

    I have a knack of finding shit out, and I’ve been finding out who’s banging who, who has had brushes with the law, and who has some skeletons in the closet- this town is no stranger to those kinds of things by any stretch of the imagination. Truth be told I got some good beer-at-a-bar stories.

    I will say that there are some cool cats around, like Switters and others that have some sensibilities. I seem to have a strange ability to attract knuckleheads no matter where I am, either on the web or in real life. I have always stood by my statements and I have yet to be proven wrong in any observation I’ve made in the past.

    So yeah, I like to keep it real. In my line of work one has to learn to get down like that, nah’mean?

    Peace out….

  9. MOM2GIRLS said

    I wondered what had happened to you, Hibbity Jibbity (I had always liked your name!). I enjoyed your posts on sayville.com back in the day. Somehow, NEMO was banned from there as well…definitely a conspiracy of sorts.

    I’ve lived here for 20-something years…moved here as a teen. This town has become so unnecessarily snobbish over the years. Or maybe society in general has become snobby…who knows?

    Until next time…

  10. joe arata said

    You people are all “Johnny come latelys ” to me, I`ve seen Sayville go down hill for many years now. The Mill Pond has turned into a SUMP, I`me surprised a fish can survive in that hole, all kinds of algae from lawn fert. seeping into the pond along with street drains that empty into the stream that feeds the pond. Back in the 40`s and even the 50`s the pond was cold and clear, I swam there as a kid and I know how cold that water was, the pond was also deeper then and you could dive into the water without fear of injury.I grewb up in Sayville and saw the best of the place, two operating dairy farms ,woods and fields and empty lots of land were common. You sat at the counter in the diner and when someone walked in if you didn`t know them you knew of them. Did you soccer moms know that the soccer field on the corner of Cherry Ave. was once the SAYVILLE DUMP, take a core sample of that area and see what you come up with!!! Your children play there—–go to the head waters of Browns river, at the end of Hanson Place, and do the same there and see what comes up, –I will not elaborate, but Sayville natives will know what I`me talking about!! The houses at the North East side of the millpopnd, where Astor drive begins , are all built on SWAMP LAND, I saw them being built and a lot of FILL was poured in that area. Today if fert. is used on any of these lawns along with herbicides you can safely bet that it is getting into that pond!! Bottom line ,those houses NEVER should have been built there. Building those houses there helped contribute to the condition the pond is in today!!! I`ve rambled on enough , but rest assured I know a lot more and have seen most of it first hand!!I`ll leave you with this—if you think Sayville is nice now , you should have lived here 30/40 yrs. ago!!

  11. boobTonmene said

    There are 5 houses in five different colors
    In each house lives a different nationality.
    These 5 owners drink a certain beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar and keep a certain pet.
    No owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar, or drink the same beverage.

    The CLUES:

    The Brit lives in the Red house.
    The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
    The Dane Drinks tea.
    The Green House is on the left of the White House.
    The Green House’s owner drinks coffee.
    The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.
    The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
    The man in the center house drinks milk.
    The Norwegian lives in the first house.
    The man who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats
    The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.
    The man who smokes Blue Master drinks beer.
    The German smokes Prince.
    The Norwegian lives next to the Blue House.
    The man who smokes Blends has a neighbor who drinks water.

    Who owns the fish?

  12. dynamom said

    I was told by someone on the “inside” that there had been a confirmed case of swine flu at Sayville Middle School. This person even knew the name of the student involved. Since no one had received any kind of notification from the district, I went on Sayville.com to ask if anyone else had heard the same. There were a handful of posts pro and con but rather than someone from the district coming out to tell exactly what the situation was the thread was deleted and at the 8th grade moving up ceremony Dr. Schartner simply said “Don’t believe everything you see on Sayville.com”.

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