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The No Brain Zone

Posted by switters on March 20, 2007

I thought I was done with posting snapshots of deleted threads from the Sayville.com forum, but something about this one made me think it was worth keeping.


11 Responses to “The No Brain Zone”

  1. dakeeper said

    I don’t get any text when I hit that link.

  2. switters said

    For some reason, in this snapshot the avatar pictures are shown in their original size rather than avatar size it makes the page very wide. To see the text you actually have to use the scroll bar that’s along the bottom and scroll to the right.

  3. MOM2GIRLS said

    Hey Switters…

    Thanks for keeping the sayville.com thread “grounded” as you do, with your wit and humor.

  4. switters said

    Thank YOU Mom2girls. I really appreciate it.

  5. dakeeper said

    Switters learned everything he knows from me.

    There can be no dispute.

  6. switters said

    There IS no dispute.

    I am the Obi-Wan Kenobi to your Qui-Gon Jinn; the Daniel LaRusso to your Mr. Miyagi and the
    ‘Nuke’ LaLoosh to your Crash Davis.

  7. dakeeper said

    So which one of us can be Jar Jar Binks at the next convention?

  8. SJDF13 said

    Okay I am confused, they deleted the Kristen kessler Thread from the forums?
    Wow I knew Kristen, she was 1 year ahead of me in school, and was a sweatheart.
    Why would they delete that thread it seemed harmless enough and dare I say a good cause?

    You guys decide who is gonna be Jar Jar, I will be my usual Yoda!

  9. dakeeper said

    We got my kid Star Wars trivial pursuit for xmas. I couldn’t believe how much I actually knew….

  10. switters said

    Massa Keepa, meesa no wansa be a gungan! Meesa wansa be a jedi!

  11. dakeeper said

    me sticka my saber in missa amadela- dissa gunga lika mucha!

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