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Steve Levy: Goofy AND thin-skinned?

Posted by switters on March 25, 2007

In truth, I don’t really have a problem with our current county executive (there are a few things he’s out his tree about, but on the whole I think he’s more honest and dedicated than the average politician.  Still, the picture below gave me cause to ask, on the Sayville.com forum:

“doesn’t Steve Levy have people to tell him he looks really goofy holding that skateboard?”

I realize that a private citizen might consider that question (or my follow up: “or is that what happens when you don’t treat your support staff well?”) a little offensive.  And Heretic’s reply, “With him holding it I thought it was a surfboard.” (lol) could potentially hurt somebody’s wittle feewings.  But Mr. Levy is a public figure and should be able to handle this and much worse, which is why I was disappointed to see these posts deleted from the thread.

Of course, I don’t believe for a second that Mr. Levy himself requested that the posts be deleted (I’m pretty sure he’s got a good sense of humor).  But somebody did and I’d love to know why.   Is it because you support Mr. Levy and believe him to be so thin-skinned that he can’t handle some meaningless teasing?  Or is it because you fail to see the big picture that stifling criticism of elected officials sets a dangerous precedent and slowly erodes away our most cherished rights?


6 Responses to “Steve Levy: Goofy AND thin-skinned?”

  1. dakeeper said

    Let me give you and the reading public some game on Levy. This guy has been screwing me and my coworkers out of a contract since he’s been in office. We haven’t had a contract in over 4 years.

    One has to wonder what are the motivations for an executive to intentionally perpetrate the false knowledge that by sticking it to government employees is going to help the taxpayers. All we ever asked for was the cost of living, which we can’t even beg for. Inexcusable.

    This guy is no friend of labor.

  2. Faust said

    I love the fact that he is standing up to illegal immigrants, about time politicans listen to what the public really wants.

  3. dakeeper said

    Lol- did you see the photo I posted on Sayville.com? I have to admit, I made myself laugh at that one…..

  4. dakeeper said

    Ok, they deleted it after a few hours- humorless people that they are. Here’s the link to my album:

  5. Paradigm Shift said

    I found the picture to be hilarious. Am I wrong, or did it say SHORT COMPLEX instead of SPORT COMPLEX? That’s what made me chuckle, but maybe I just read what I wanted to read.

  6. switters said

    Yeah – the “short complex” edit is thanks to Heretic/Keeper. It’s on the other post.

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