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The Floor is Open

Posted by switters on March 31, 2007

On the Sayville.com Forum I wrote:

Of course, one could make the case that even though the domain “sayville.com” is the private property of Starweb Enterprises that the owners nonetheless have an obligation to obey the demands of the community since the value of the domain name is derived entirely from us. But even at that, it’s not entirely clear that this isn’t what they’re already doing. I put up a poll to see if people thought that posts were being deleted too freely and a grand total of twelve people voted. I post things on my blog on this subject and, while a decent number of people may read these ramblings, very few ever add comments.

Clearly, despite some grumblings, the people using this forum are at best content, or at the least apathetic, about the degree of free speech found here.

I’ve noticed a lot of traffic to this page since then so I’ll open this up for discussion. If anyone has an opinion on the subject (either Sayville.com specifically or the more general issue of whether or not holders of certain domain names are beholden to those who own that name outside of cyberspace) feel free to add a comment.



2 Responses to “The Floor is Open”

  1. dakeeper said

    Well, they are quick to delete posts, but then again I’m used to having posts pruned to other forums I’ve been to….

    I don’t they’re consistent, though. Ok, deleting the ‘Short Complex’ photo, considering his ties to Sayville, I understood and expected that. I have a problem with posts like Foxfan’s incendiary and blatantly insensitive comments being left up there, when it was clear she was trolling and flaming the board. Yes, I know I push the envelope a bit, but I’ve always tried to stick to facts and make observations based on what takes place in this world.

    Let’s face it, who wants to read about brownie recipes and when the next bake sale is? It’s just not what gets the site hits and at the end of the day that’s what the site wants, correct?

  2. SJDF13 said

    ROFL, I checked on my old name HibbityJibbity and it still says it is an active account, but I can not log into it. So I reupped with HbtyJbty2 and made a post about the best pizza places and made a smart ass remark only to find out you can not delete or edit the post once you have made it.

    I mean I only stated that Sayville Pizza is the best, cause I heard if you bring your own felt tip pen, the pizza is free. It is not like I said people take a piss in the sauce pot in the kitchen while it cooks up. (yes i saw this happen for real back when I was in high school) or any of the other god awful stuff that I knew some of the delivery guys would do to the pizza before it got to your house (I only used to order there cause I knew all the guys working the kitchen and I got them to make me the stuff personally)

    I think the sayville.com forums will be fast to delete post’s that affect thier bottom line PERIOD, they are not hosting for free and are trying to gain revenue so anything that could possibly detract from revenue gained is going to be deleted. I mean if I posted up on there about the way things are in “hallowed” south sayville, yes I lived there, grew up on Colton Avenue and all kinds of shit went down while “parents looked the other way” or just “ignored stuff” no one would want to buy a house in south sayville.

    Gosh I guess I got a bit carried away there, sorry for the rant, but if people knew about date rapes on the beach, kids wasted vandalizing cars and property, people getting the tar beat out of them by other kids, drugs being sold out of nice old south savyille houses, from the kids there, it could make the town look really bad, and no one wants that! kids paying the homeless guys in Gillette park to go up to Grand Onion or A&P and buy beer for them (god I did that when I was 12)

    I can not comment if any of the above still goes on but in my time I saw all of the above and more but “that type of subversive behavior is bad for the image of sayville”

    What it all boils down to is money, and how they get more of it.

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