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Taxpayers Beware (Attencion Gringos!)

Posted by dakeeper on April 1, 2007

I was dismayed to read in today’s Newday (yes, I will read it if nothing else is available), that they are now considering creating a taxpayer funded illegal immigrant hiring site. I knew this was going to happen. As is customary with the information age we live in, if the media and special interest groups are allowed to continually pound an idea into the public’s mindset, then it eventually will come to its fruition. It’s basically like waves that repeatedly slam into a fortification, over time it erodes and gives way. That the people will succumb to this outrage and meekly accept it is more likely a foregone conclusion.

Think about it. I mean, really consider what is going to happen. If you’re like me, you and possibly your spouse works hard for a living. We pay our taxes, which are very high, and we obey the law (except for that annoying cell phone law), and part of our wages are taken to pay for government services and infrastructure. So now our leaders, in their infinite wisdom, would have some of that money, which could easily go back to our schools, go towards building this ‘hiring hall’ complete with computers for these guys to use when thay’re not ‘working’, so that they don’t loiter on the streets. What in the hell is wrong with these people?

I, for one, think this is an absolute travesty if it is done. To condone illegal immigration by encouraging these people to come over here and have a place to hang their hat at my expense, when my kid is in a class with 26 other kids, when my taxes go up every year but my government salary hasn’t increased at all for 4 years, is disgusting. People can’t even put a shed in their yard without permission from the government, God forbid you do and they catch you, it’s gonna cost you hundreds of dollars in fines. Yet these Ecuadorians, Guatemalans, Mexicans, El Salvadorians, and Hondurians can get free coffee, Windows Vista lessons, and then work for cash which then gets sent home to Central America, all while being here illegally, all at our expense. Excuse me Switters, but fuck that.

Folks, WTF is going on here? Don’t give me that bullshit excuse that noone else can do the work that they do. It has always been done before- legally.

Remember- your government wants to use YOUR money to build a facility to cater to ILLEGAL immigrants. Is that what we all want our hard-earned taxes to go towards?

Thank you.


4 Responses to “Taxpayers Beware (Attencion Gringos!)”

  1. switters said

    My perspective has always been that we need to treat illegal immigrants with courtesy and compassion – as we ship them back home.

    What makes the hiring hall idea so galling to me is that we are talking about creating a structure that not only allows, but actually facilitates law breaking. I’m not even talking about the “undocumented workers” themselves, but the people who hire them. The illegals, in my opinion, are not the root cause of the problem. These people come here because there’s a market for them. Put yourself in their shoes. I believe anyone who cares for his/her family would at least consider leaving their miserable life in Mexico, Guatemala, etc. to take a shot at coming here if it meant the possibility of being better able to provide for their families. But the people who hire them do so fully aware that they’re breaking the law and that the benefit they derive from hiring them comes out of the pockets of their friends and neighbors.

    The argument that such workers are so integral to our economy now that we can’t afford to lose them is ludicrous. So John Q. Richguy will have to pay a little more to have his hedges trimmed and Joe Middleclass will once again have to mow his own lawn. Too bad.

    Or maybe, once Mr. Rich Guy Wannabee finds that prices have gone up for certain things, he’ll stop forking over so much cash to his teenage kids and they’ll be forced to (oh! the horror!) get jobs to earn spending money like we did.

  2. dakeeper said

    Guy- they’re going to do this. I’m telling you- these activists aren’t stupid. They know that after repeated sound bytes, protests and speeches, the people will eventually accept this hiring hall. It’s the Newsday way. Just like with their train station cracks. After the 498th front cover article people were begging for repairs.

    As for the contractors, I always ask contractors that I might hire if they employ illegal aliens. I’m just not going to come home in uniform and have these illegal people working on my property- it’s the principal. I know it’s not really practical but people let these guys get away with it.

    Related to this is something alot of taxpaying citizens should know. Not only are these fucks coming here and working for cash that’ll never help us out, but they’re committing crimes left and right. So then law enforcement has to pick up the tab for taking these people into custody. In addition, these people do not share the same cultural belief that you and I have regarding sex with minors. I don’t believe there is a Central-American translation for ‘statuatory rape’. I’ve talked to these offenders (the ones wo speak English). It’s just the way it is for them.

  3. Faust said

    I will gladly pay anothet $20 for each meal I eat out if it means we send the criminals home and make teenagers start washing dishes and those on welfare do food prep work.

  4. zimber said

    People that get paid 6 dollars an hour cannot support a family or pay for a school district.
    WE are being sold down the river.

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