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They’re baaaack…..

Posted by switters on April 1, 2007

Once again my neighborhood is teeming with adolescent boys lugging crates of stale candy door to door, ostensibly to benefit some charity or help them pay for college or whatever other crap line their bosses tell them to say.

Hmm, let’s see, a 5 oz. box of stale raisins covered in waxy chocolate for just $5?  Tempting.

I actually have a lot of sympathy for these kids and I really feel bad for them.  It is clear that they’re being totally manipulated by whomever it is that drops them off at the corner and picks them up later in the day.  In fact, I used to buy stuff from them just because of that sympathy.  But it occurred to me that by throwing them a bone and buying some skanky candy I wouldn’t feed to my dog all I’m doing is perpetuating the system and insuring that this is going to continue.  It’s like spam.  The only reason it still exists is because some knucklehead somewhere really thinks that his manhood is too small and that the answer can be found in an herbal remedy he read about in a message from Khalid P. Artworks.

What’s interesting is that I see a huge parallel between this and keeper’s post about hiring halls.  In both cases, the short term solution that appeases our guilt (buy a piece of candy / build a hiring hall) has serious negative consequences that actually harm people on both sides: with the candy it’s the fact that the people who make the profit will keep doing it, kids will continue to be manipulated, and we’ll have to deal with them guilting us into buying crap.   With the hiring halls, its the fact that illegal immigrants are a drain on our infrastructure (schools, hospitals, etc), and the fact that countries like Mexico have begun to put more effort into helping young men sneak into America than to address the root causes of poverty.


6 Responses to “They’re baaaack…..”

  1. dakeeper said

    I live on a block that seems to attract these people. I can’t count how many times I get these kids from C.I., Brentwood, Amithyville, or whatever, getting dropped off and going door to door with a faded, wrinkled I.D card and a box of bric-a-crap with a minimum $10 ‘donation’. Now me, being a completely warm hearted, sympathetic individual that I am, I kindly dismiss these kids and look for the 1990 Toyota Corrola that dropped them off.

    I feel like telling these people “listen stupid, I don’t know why you think I have money to piss away, but try selling your French-whore smelling candles over on Straight Path and stop bothering me on my off day with this shit”.

  2. SJDF13 said

    Wow out here in LA it is easy to deter this stuff, even the girlscouts need to have permits to go door to door, and they wear them around thier neck , last year was like a red badge thing. If they do not have the permit, call the cops they respond and haul them away. They can also not go alone, they must have an adult with them at all times. I never got that stuff on my block growing up the only kids selling stale candy was me, to raise money for school trips and stuff and all the people in the neighborhood knew me.

    My dad used to just tell anyone not wanted at the front door NO Please leave my property, and if they persisted he walked out the back door around the side of the house got the hose and gave them a good soaking!

  3. zimber said

    What fools do not understand is the nonwhites will be a majority and we will live UNDER THEIR RULE.
    The reason they are brought in is so short-term thinking businessmen can pay less.

  4. MOM2GIRLS said

    Keeper, you are a better person than I am, after reading your post I realize that I am not as kind. I answer the door with my huge dog by my side. The “salespeople” tend to be afraid of my mutt and escort themselves AND their Rubbermaid containers off my porch…stat! 🙂 I am a good person…I give to my church, I give to those less fortunate that I, I redeem my own bottles and cans for cash (after all, why should I pay $$$ to fund the land-clammers on bicycles?), and I support the Sayville Food Pantry. I like to keep my hard-earned money in my town, and NOT give it to beggars who ring my doorbell with loads of junk.

    Rather than ix-nay the flea market, we ought to push for pols to insist on permits for those who choose to solicit door-to-door…bet we could send a lot of this unnecessary baloney to the wayside!

  5. dakeeper said

    Mom2Girls, I liked your reply. I don’t really fault these kids. I blame the perp who dropped them off on my block. I just don’t understand why, as you accurately pointed out, they show up here with their ‘rubbermaid’ crate full of crap. I’m sure there are a few people in crime-danch that will help them. I have my own Boy scout stuff to sell, as well as little league. Those ID cards are hilarious. It’s like they hand them down from perp to perp across the years.

    It annoys the shit outta me- especially on my off day when the last thing I want to have to deal with is some homie with saggin’ pants and a FuBu jacket ringing my bell in 5 second intervals when I’m trying to read the paper or troll on Sayville.com…..

  6. switters said

    Dakeeper wrote: “I just don’t understand why, as you accurately pointed out, they show up here with their ‘rubbermaid’ crate full of crap.”

    When notorious bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he reportedly said “because that’s where the money is.”

    They come to towns like Sayville because we have two things that they can work to their advantage: disposable income and guilt. The kid who came to my door the day I wrote this post wasn’t decked out in gangsta clothes – he projected the image of a young man born into a tough situation and trying to work his way out of it (which is what he may very well have been). I could have given him $5 for his crappy merchandise and I wouldn’t have missed it.

    So even as the bleeding heart part of me still insists that I should have just helped the kid out, the rational part of me recognizes that selling worthless crap using guilt as a lever is really just sugar-coated begging. I doubt the lowlifes in the white vans or Toyota Corrolas who drop them off are getting rich, but there’s no question that they’re the ones making the bulk of the money and its wrong to perpetuate a system like this by, literally, buying into it.

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