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The Don Imus Situation

Posted by dakeeper on April 9, 2007

Ok, I’m a big Imus fan, I’ve been for the last 20 years.  I liked him when he went mainstream with the political stuff.  So now he has caught the wrath of these f_cking loud mouth black activists who have the knack for smelling the blood of a white person and strike quickly.  It seems Imus made a joke about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.  Ok, it was a cutting bit of radio jibe, but not unusual when compared to some other radio hosts.  So I find this bit on the news boards:

“The Rev. Jesse Jackson and about 50 people marched Monday outside Chicago’s NBC tower to protest Imus’ comments. He said MSNBC should abandon Imus and MSNBC should hire more black pundits. ”

 Ah-hah!  So that’s it!  Never mind the ‘racist’ allegations, let’s use this opportunity to get more blacks behind a microphone so that THEY can make jokes about white people and espouse outlandish ideas like reparations for slavery.   It’s ok for a caucasian hater like Les Payne to write his columns about ‘Irish Cops’ and ‘milky skinned thugs’ but the one minute a white makes a joke about blacks then fire his ass and put a brother in his place.  I’m telling you folks, this is the perfect example of why race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse ‘I like to bang multiple chicks’ Jackson should be dismissed for just being the hypocrites that they are.  Al Sharpton hates cops.  Especially white cops.  If he had his way the hiring standards for the PD would be akin to joining a street gang.

 How come white people never freak out or call for firings and apologies when a black does or says something derogatory about whites?  I’ll tell you why.  We aren’t in the habit of trying to get something for free or using an opportunity to take someone else’s job.  I’m sick of it.

I hope Imus stops apologizing.  OK, the team felt bad- he apologized already.  Make it up to them- send them to Disney or get them some more tattoos- whatever.  I just hope the guy retains his position.  I think it sends a very bad message if these dickheads like Sharp(ton) and the adulterer Jackson get their way.

I posted a link about Chris Rock telling blacks how not to get beat up by cops.  Should I be mad at that joke?  Insulted?  No- comedians make jokes.  So does Imus.


8 Responses to “The Don Imus Situation”

  1. dakeeper said

    They suspended him for two weeks. Of course every one of these self-serving black groups is whining that it’s not enough. I want to know exactly what is the purose of these groups. I read one called the ‘100 black womens coalition’ or whatever. Are there any groups dedicated to preserving and defending caucasian interests? No, not the KKK. Not a hate group. Just a group dedicated to looking out for all things white, much like the ‘100 blacks in law enforcement’, the NAACP, or the numerous black coalitions out there. I mean, the last time I checked, we were all equals, right?

  2. ZGcutie08 said

    Dakeeper, have you lost your rabid ass mind?? How dare you even comment on how people are reacting to this situation whether they are black or white? You don’t get on the radio no matter what ethnicity you are and call anyone “Nappy headed hoes” or compare them to “Wannabees or jiggaboos-from the Spike Lee movie School Daze”.. These terms are degrading to any person be it a man or woman and if someone got on the radio and called a group of white women/men some “Funky, fat redneck bitches..”, I can almost guarantee old faithful George W. would be trying to crucify them. You are a racist idiot yourself and only someone who has no tact, class or respect for other human-beings emotions or themselves would find those comments funny and think it was a joke and defend Imus. It was beyond tasteless and may God have mercy on anyone’s soul who are judgemental,inhumane individuals.

  3. dakeeper said

    Go f*ck yourself a$$hole. You don’t know me. The guy said one thing in jest, big deal. Black rappers have been preaching about killing cops, raping women, beating women, robbery, murder, for how long, and noone pitched a bitch about that. So now they go after a career radio jock because that’s where the red meat is. That Rutgers news conference was a joke. I’m sure they handed out 4-color recruiting brochures. How the f*ck did one radio jock’s barb ruin their lives? Give me a break douchebag. Why don’t you and all of your black special interest groups go find something more productive to do like rebuild New Orleans or clean up South Central L.A.

    In the meantime, spare me your ignorant judgements on who I am. I deal with this element every day, I know the life. I know the hypocrisy. I see the abuse towards women, the disregard for law and authority, and complete disregard for responsible reproduction. Am I a racist? Nope- I just call it like I see it. You, obviously, have no common sense and a resitance to the truth. Typical.

    Do me a favor. Go the dave Chappell’s or Chris Rock’s forum and rant and rave about how they made millions making fun of caucasians.

  4. MOM2GIRLS said

    As a wife, mother, and professional woman…I am saddened by the fact that Imus has been fired under the circumstances.

    Why is it that making the spoof “White Chicks” is acceptable, yet one comment during a conversation that the public CHOOSES to listen to on a radio show is atrocious?

  5. dakeeper said

    Well, I guess with this new ‘National awareness of racial insensitivity’, guys like Chris Rock and Dave Chappell are out of work. Movies like ‘White Chicks’ exist because they make people laugh at themselves. I can laugh at the idiosyncrasies of caucasian life, much like I can laugh at the Wayan brothers when they make a movie that jokes about blacks.

    Did you see the photo of Imus in Sharpton’s radio studio? There was a photo of Sharpton that said ‘the voice of the people’. Now THAT was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile.

  6. biggit said

    why do black people think we owe them a living.we support them ho`s now true welfare. if it wasn`t for blacks & pr`s our prisons would be 95% empty.what a savings.

  7. dakeeper said

    I think you’re fueling the whole ‘racist’ argument with that one dude.

  8. dakeeper said

    I also found it interesting that one Whoopi Goldberg has gone on record to criticize Imus, yet her own production company is named ‘One Ho Productions’. Does that mean a white announcer cannot repeat the name of her company on the air lest he be fired?

    Check this out (from her own website):

    “She started her own company, One Ho Productions, in 1992, to produce and syndicate a late-night talk show, The Whoopi Goldberg Show. In 1995, One Ho revived Goldberg’s favorite game show from her childhood, The Hollywood Squares, and Goldberg took Paul Lynde’s old center square seat.”

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