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Alpha Windows and Siding Company

Posted by dakeeper on May 9, 2007

To all area residents who may use this company: DON”T!!!  They are the most unprofessional, unscrupulous, lying  group of people I have ever dealt with.  My wife and I were completely duped by this company and I would strenuously urge anyone considering using this company to reconsider.  The owner is a Greek guy who has zero inter-personal skills, their salesmen will outright lie to you and then threaten you with legal action when you cancel the job.  Their contractors arrive at your house without any paperwork, they have no idea what needs to be done, weeks behind schedule.  They will tell you anything to get the sale and then try and trick you if you’re not paying attention.

 I don’t know about you guys, but I earn the money I make and I will be damned if I’m gonna fork it over to some falafel eatin’ bastard and his lying cronies.  They have a showroom on Lakeland Avenue in Ronkonkoma.

You have been warned.


10 Responses to “Alpha Windows and Siding Company”

  1. LK said

    Good to know, I have some siding work I need done to repair spots from renovations.

    Most firms don’t even want to give me a quote because I’m not doing the entire home 😦

  2. dakeeper said

    Well, good luck- I know there are plenty of reputable guys out there. Alpha isn’t one of them. I’ve had a few American guys show up and the experience has been night and day. The one thing I’ve learned is that if the company uses a salesman, you’re gonna have problems. All they care about is getting you to sign- which is the same with any company I guess.

  3. vt_photo said

    Keeper’s point about the salesmen is a good one. I’ve had good and bad experiences with local contractors, and by far the best ones were those where I was dealing directly with the owner. It seems counter-intuitive: I was taken in by the contractor with the sales force and receptionist because I got the feeling that I could always get through to someone when problems (innevitably) arose. However, it seems, such an organization is more skilled at obfuscation than solving problems.

    After dealing with some local guys trying to replace my roof, I broke down and did it through the Home Depot. I just got tired of the no-shows and failures to call back. I probably paid $2K more than a smaller contractor would have charged, but it was worth every penny. They did a great job, quickly, left the yard spotless, and I have a 30 year guarantee from a company that I know will still be around in 2030. I still use local contractors whenever possible, but I feel like I did the right thing. They do siding too.

  4. dakeeper said

    You’re the first person I’ve heard of that had a job like that done by Home Depot. I would never have considered them.

  5. vt_photo said

    They actually came back a week later to make sure everything was fine. Sorry, now I sound like a schill for the Home Despot.

  6. dakeeper said

    I know they do kitchens and stuff, but not roofs or general contractor projects.

  7. shlomo said

    I had done a major renovation and addition last year, I designed and did the architectural prints, got my permit, my plan was to G.C. the job myself ( I have an extensive architectural background) I hired this company Hometech construction also known as Mcrand Inc. based in bellmore. I gave them a set of construction documents, 1 week before they were to start I was corresponding with them as to when specific tasks were to take place so i can schedule the additional work, when they told me they were’nt doing that part of the job, I quickly pointed out that the signed contract from them states that it is indeed, they responded with, “i dont care what the contract says, were not doing that”. I decided not to proceed with them, and to this day have still not gotten back my 6k deposit. I hired a new sub, and the project is now completed.

    So….stay away from these scam artists.

  8. dakeeper said

    They sent me my $300 deposit with a brief letter. I guess my filings paid off. So that’s that. It still does not excuse bait and switch tactics.

  9. flaminmo said

    I don’t know about your experience with Alpha, but they took care of everything for me without a problem. They were professional and the installers made sure I was happy with everything before they left. From the research I did, I’m happy I went with Alpha because I know they’ll be around in 40 years, so I’m confident in the work that has been done.

  10. dakeeper said

    Well, I’m glad for you. They were an absolute nightmare- the most unprofessional gang of rip-off artists who tried to shake me down for their screw up. All I can say is be careful. They suck.

    I’ll also state that a picture window in the front of our house lets cold air in…..but whatever….

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