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Posted by dakeeper on May 18, 2007

Ok, so ‘Derf’ bitches up and they delete the picture I made with the goose on top of the empire state building.  I mean, get a sense of humor and stop whining.  Post a bulletin so someone can find your spine.  Whatever.  I personally think it’s funny….

WAAAAHHHHH WAAAAAAHHHH… leave my picture alone…..WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!
NYC Goose


13 Responses to “Photo Link”

  1. LK said

    I think you need professional help.

  2. dakeeper said

    I think you need to:

    a) Get laid
    b) Get drunk
    c) Get out of the house (or is that you out there at 2AM?)
    d) Get laid again

  3. switters said

    LK is right – you do need professional help. I mean, the outline of the goose is completely smudged and the building isn’t even a straight line. You need to find somebody who REALLY knows how to manipulate images to give you some pointers. Maybe you should make up with Derf?

  4. dakeeper said

    Makeup with him? Huh? Ok, so it was a quick photoshop job…yeah yeah…just trying to get some quick laughs. Hey, you don’t like it, get my IP and sue me…..j/k.

    I mean, c’mon, don’t I get any credit for at least being original?

    Why are some of these people so f-ing tight bro? I just don’t get it. What is wrong with them? Life is not just ‘hey, great photo dude!!!’ everytime out. Pathetic. These are the same boring tight-ases who could watch ‘Life of Brian’ or ‘Team America: world police’, and not laugh.

  5. dakeeper said

    WAAAAHHHHHHH WAAAAAAHHHHHH cry to the admin you big snivelling baby. Lock threads and delete posts. Get a life you spineless geek. While you’re out on the street at 2AM go find a local ‘ho for $20 so you can bust a nut and loosen up.

  6. shlomo said

    Switters is right, you do need some photoshop help.
    I had posted my ‘version’ after his rant, only to have it removed within 10 minutes of the posting., how sad.. sayville dot bomb has jumped the shark.

  7. switters said


    can you send it to me? I’d love to see it (and post it here if you want).

    my e-mail is jgatzbee at gmail.com

  8. dakeeper said

    Mr. Sayville Dad did one too and it was also snuffed.

  9. MOM2GIRLS said

    I passed by the young red maple on Hopkins today and was saddened that the fowl was missing.


    Glad he’s flying high in NYC!

  10. MOM2GIRLS said

    SD can kiss my grits…he’s one balzy, opinionated, heartless, and humorless poster.

  11. switters said


    What are you talking about?????

  12. dakeeper said

    He may be what you said, but his photo wasn’t bad.

  13. MOM2GIRLS said

    I think we all need professional help. 🙂

    Switters, sorry for not making myself clear…I was referring to one of SD’s post on sayville.com. He gets my goat. Guess I just had to vent the other night. Sorry for pulling you guys into my personal issues.

    Also, the red maple tree where the goose (although it looked more like a male mallard duck) was photographed and posted on sayvile.com is now bird-free. The tree is empty, where did the dead duck go??

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