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Young Heretic

Posted by dakeeper on May 29, 2007

I found a photo of me when I was younger.

Young Heretic

…ok, so it’s not me, but it’s still funny….


12 Responses to “Young Heretic”

  1. switters said

    I didn’t think it was really you until I did a careful examination of the picture and zoomed in on the lunchbox. See the enhanced picture here:

  2. MOM2GIRLS said

    Oh, Heretic…

    So cute! Sooooooo cute! Love the lunchbox, Boyfriend!

  3. dakeeper said

    Hheheheh- you spied my Rush lunch box- damn! I got that one after I was repeatedly beat up when I would come in with my Scooby-Doo lunch box.

    What was the name of that really hot teacher down in Florida who had the sex with the student? I’ll bet I coulda got her attention with that shirt….

  4. vt_photo said

    Debra Lafave was her name:


    Love the smoking gun…

  5. dakeeper said

    Ok, I read that account. Knowing that the kid was a juvenile I have to say she was sick. Having said that, I have a few observations:

    1) 10 minutes????? The kid lasted 10 minutes?????
    2) Black thong with roses, black velvet shorts, mini sundress, shaved, oral ability, tan lines, belly rings and lower back tattoos. Hot…..’nuff said on that.
    3) 10 minutes???? OMG there’s no friggin’ way.
    4) She really was sick.
    5) I never had a teacher like that. They all looked like Janet Reno.

  6. MOM2GIRLS said

    Okay, this is nuts…I must admit that I have looked at this photo of Little Heretic more than a few times this week…just for a laugh! I get such a kick out of it…the glasses, the shit-eatin’ grin, the t-shirt, and of course the RUSH lunchbox (although I believe I saw evidence of a Hong-Kong-Fooey lunchbox underneath the RUSH logo!).

    I do like this picture better than the Disney version. 🙂

  7. dakeeper said

    Yeah, me too. I think it says “I toss salad on the second date”….

    ….ok, so maybe the nitwits on Sayville.com are wearing off on me…

  8. switters said

    I don’t care which shirt you like better, I happen to think the revised one LOOKS more like you.

  9. MOM2GIRLS said

    How was the RUSH concert??

    Did you tell Alex, Geddy, and Neil that I said hello?? I love those guys.

  10. dakeeper said

    It was excellent- they were in good form. Nice set list- good mix of new and old. Neil’s solo had an interesting blend of big band and African musical elements. I was very happy with the whole show, plus the weather was nice.

  11. MOM2GIRLS said

    Neil is an amazing guitar player…my baby was born on Alex’s birthday!…and I can’t get past Geddy’s nose…SO GLAD you had a good time at the show.

  12. dakeeper said

    Actually M2G, Neil is on the drums and it’s Alex on guitar, but I get your point! Yes, Geddy is not Brad Pitt or me, but his talent and mastery of his craft is second to none. That is the appeal for me with Rush, the talent and diversity of just 3 guys that can crank out some solid music.

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