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Are Sayville.com People Giving?

Posted by switters on June 9, 2007

A few days ago I posted this plea for Sayville.com users to make a contribution to “Alex’s Lemonade Stand,” an organization that raises money to help fight pediatric cancer. My hope was that users of this forum would band together and help the family who set up this page meet their fund raising goal.

I had hoped that the page would fill up with Sayville.com usernames, but since then only Heretic and one other person (who may or may not be from this board) have contributed. It got me wondering why and how I could possibly jump start things. So here are my theories on why people haven’t responded yet along with my responses.

1. “I already contribute to lots of other charities”
I think this is a fair response, but there a couple of reasons why you should do this anyway. The first is that you don’t have to give a lot. Just a couple of dollars will help. Second, your contribution on this page can have exponential benefits: Obviously you’re giving money to a good cause, but you’re also doing a kindness for a complete stranger in helping her project. Beyond that, I believe that there will be a snowball effect in that as more Sayville.com users names start showing up on the donation page, it becomes more likely that others will do it as well.

2. “I’m worried that this is not a legitimate charity.”
This is a valid concern, but rest assured that I did my research. In the original post I listed some sources that show that Alex’s Lemonade stand is exactly what it claims to be.

3. “I’m worried that this particular site is a just a scam that is using a legitimate charity.” or “I’m afraid my credit card information is not secure.”
Frankly, I was worried about this too. But I checked the Better Business Bureau and Verisign to make sure it was legit and safe before I contributed.

4. “You’re being too impatient, Switters!”
It could be that. I’ve been called worse. Perhaps people have read the post at work but are waiting until the weekend to make a donation from their home computers.

5. “I don’t want people to know my real name”
This shouldn’t be a concern at all. The only place you have to put your real name is on the payment page and that information is seen only by your credit card company to confirm that it is really you.

6. “I’m not donating because it’s YOU who’s asking.”
While this seems like a crazy reason not to give to a worthy cause, I realize that some people on this forum think I’m a . Let me assure you that I have no personal stake in this. I don’t even know the people who set up the lemonade stand. I do have personal reasons for caring about this particular issue, but I won’t go into that now and it shouldn’t matter.

Are there any other reasons I haven’t thought of? Or will we start to see a serious jump in contributions?

When I’m around town I often hear people talking about this forum. Very often the conversation is of a negative tone (e.g. “a bunch of complainers,” “people with nothing better to do,” etc.). Here’s an opportunity to show that despite the often negative turn that things can take, that the people who spend time reading and posting here are caring and generous individuals.

Please CLICK HERE to make a contribution.

Thanks for reading.


3 Responses to “Are Sayville.com People Giving?”

  1. dakeeper said

    Evidently Yankees and Met scores matter more to some of these people….

  2. switters said

    You and I seem to be on the same page about most things. For example, we both think that the Sayville.com forum is made up of some decent people and some a$$holes.

    There are two fundemental differences between us, though. The first is that I think that most of the people are decent, but you imply that the a$$holes are in the majority. The second difference is that (it’s looking more like) you are right and I am wrong.

  3. dakeeper said

    Well bro, my cynical thinking is a by-product of my career, coupled with my sense of humor. I had hoped I was wrong, but like you said the results haven’t proved it. I have stuck to my personal mantra of ‘calling it like I see it’. Most of those people I suspect just like to talk alot of shit and cannot or will not back up their arguments. I’m not surprised, but it is dissappointing.

    I mean, you have people on there that will call the local clergy pedophiles, make a racist comment, or post a stupid picture, and yet when you question them they get all pissy and sound like….uh……well,….Derf, I guess. It’s pathetic.

    Anyway, it is what it is. Her cause is just and I hope she does well.

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