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Why I Care About Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Posted by switters on June 10, 2007

Sayville.com readers might be wondering why I’ve expended so much energy to try to convince them to make contributions to this particular site when I don’t even know the people who set it up. Rather than take up even more space on that forum, I thought I’d explain it here.

First and foremost, I care because this is a very worthwhile cause. I know a family who lost their young child to cancer not that long ago (and if you live in Sayville you likely know them too) and I know how incredibly heartbreaking that is. I am close to another family who is struggling with the treatments, the bills, the stress, and the pain that result from their 3 year old son’s battle with a rare form of cancer.

Second, I think that as adults we have an obligation to reinforce appropriate behavior among kids. By taking just a couple of minutes and spending a couple of bucks ($25, $10, $2, it doesn’t matter), we can tell Kayla (the girl who set up the site with her mom) that we support her for doing something selfless. That kind of message goes a long way.

Finally, I have one more personal connection. Last year, one of my closest friends – one of the nicest, brightest, most caring, engaging, and fun people I’ve ever known – succumbed to cancer at a very young age. Over the 18 months that she fought the disease her physical strength diminished steadily but her mental strength never wavered. Unable to work, and later unable to even walk, she turned her attention to something she’d always wanted to do: writing children’s books. The books she wrote were funny and clever, and were written with the intention of giving comfort to children who were fighting cancer, either by just entertaining them or by giving them specific advice for facing their treatments.

She used to tease me for being such a computer geek, but I know she’d be happy that I was using the computer for something that she believed in as opposed to just sharing videos from youtube.

Thank you for reading. Please Help.


2 Responses to “Why I Care About Alex’s Lemonade Stand”

  1. Trish said

    I have tears in my eyes. Its nice to know there are such kind hearted people out there! Our family doesn’t have much but we are extremely happy. If there is a chance to bring happiness to a other family or person in need and we can help….WE ARE THERE!!!


  2. dakeeper said

    You may love me or hate me, but I will always have a soft spot for lil ones. My wife and I had to endure the loss of a baby, so I have an idea of the lifelong pain a parent suffers when this happens. It is not easy. I am all for this and other causes similar to it.

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