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Who says ‘time-outs’ are effective?

Posted by dakeeper on June 16, 2007

As parents, we often struggle with appropriate methods of discipline.  This momma has had enough Dr. Phil and Nanny 911 B.S. and decides to apply her own technique:



4 Responses to “Who says ‘time-outs’ are effective?”

  1. switters said

    I enjoyed this as much as you liked my Kohler commercial. Sorry. I don’t know if you’ll like the next one I’m about to post. If not, let’s find something Python related to get back on the same page.

  2. dakeeper said

    Ok- but in my line of work that video is considered hilarious….I’m sure you can understand.

  3. switters said

    I understand completely. In my line of work it has a whole different feel. I’d make a joke about the parallels between your line and mine, but it’s all been said before and it’s not really that funny.

  4. dakeeper said

    Ok- for the record the whole ‘c’mon, fight back’? line is painfully funny for me.

    On a side note, that loser Foxfan sniped me but I see they deleted it. If you read this you ketchup bottle filling hag, you fired the first shot.

    …and don’t forget to fill the salt and pepper shakers.

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