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Heretic Vote

Posted by dakeeper on July 5, 2007

Lol- that was funny what you wrote about the corpse……I used a program to get back on briefly and thought you might say something……heheheh..

Last time I looked it was 2 to 1 in my favor, but you know what? I think they’d rather have it go back to the pre-Library discussion days, before my sardonic writing style appeared. Maybe we can start our own Sayville forum, something like ‘The Uncensored Sayville Alternative’. This way we can all speak freely and openly much like we would do in person….uh, then I again I speak like this all the time so that wouldn’t include me…..but you know what I mean……


3 Responses to “Heretic Vote”

  1. switters said

    As you may remember, the reason I started this blog in the first place was as an uncensored alternative to Sayville.com. My idea was that forum members who had something to say that might not be ok for the forum could write it here. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of response from people who wanted to write posts (currently you, me, and JimH. are the only authors on this blog) and only a handful of people have commented on the posts.

    Frankly, I was going to give the whole thing up, but it does get anywhere from 10 to 100 views per day and it gives me a place to post stuff that I find amusing, irritating, or interesting. Who knows, maybe some Sayville.com folks will decide to become authors on here and we can get some other voices heard without fear of being censored.

  2. MOM2GIRLS said

    Censored? I am glad to have a place related to Sayville where I can be myself and not worry about being JUDGED!

  3. dakeeper said

    So I see they deleted your poll, I guess. Typical. I have no idea what they’re doing running that board.

    I done with it. Those malcontents can kiss my freshly shaven ass. I mean, you got snobs on there who slam the door on girl scouts, bigoted waitresses, vicious housewives who haven’t had good sex in years, and I’m the bad guy? Please. If you Sayville guys want to dialogue with me I’ll be here on Switters blog. The rest of you can have fun with the ‘all sports zone’ and ‘looking for a good maid to vacuum but not bang my husband’ threads on Sayville.com……

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