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A New Sayville Forum

Posted by dakeeper on July 7, 2007

Not to take anything away from Switters Blog, but I have made a new forum if anyone wants to partake.  I’d like it to be a place where we can go and have laughs and just not worry about being censored or banned.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just a little tired of not being able to express myself like I would do if I was hanging out drinking beers with people I like.  I always liked the idea of a community forum where like-minded people who share the same geographical experiences can opine.  Sayville.com is not bad for that, but as we all have seen they are absolutely intolerant of even the slightest offense.



8 Responses to “A New Sayville Forum”

  1. vt_photo said

    Hey Keeper –

    I would be an avid reader of your observations/jokes/rants (leading your sayville.com post with a ‘gotta hurry before someone sees me’ was brilliant), but that Delphi forums is just painful to look at. Have you checked out blogger (as a platform, I mean)? All of their templates are easy to read and set up. Just a thought…

  2. dakeeper said

    Hey VT, I know what you’re sayin’ homie! I just figured I’d have a little space on the web to have some laughs. I’ll check out what you mentioned.

  3. dakeeper said

    Hey VT, sort of like this?:


  4. switters said

    I think it would have been easier if you just set up your own wordpress blog since you already have a wordpress account. dumbass. (j/k)

  5. dakeeper said

    Lol- I will not be happy until I have over 50 blogs with noone posting in them…..

    I don’t know about you guys, but just seeing how that ‘my introduction’ thread has not evolved into a yuk-fest just shows how lame it has become there….

  6. dakeeper said


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  8. Meryshory said

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