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Posted by dakeeper on July 14, 2007

Ok, so I have some stuff I’m giving away, stuff that the kids don’t use anymore and maybe people won’t buy. So I decide to give away a power wheels jeep with 3 batteries I had that wasn’t being used. I put it on Freecycle.com, a site that people go on to see if they want stuff. So after I put it up I get a bunch of replies. So I email these people and I state ‘call me by 8:30 PM and it’s yours’. Noone calls. At 9PM a lady calls and arranges to pick the thing up. Great. She’s happy and so am I.
So then I notify these other people that it’s gone and this one lady emails me back with this attitude. LOLOLOL- I’m giving away free shit and this lady wants to ‘report’ me for misleading her, telling me how I violated the rules and crap like that. WTF???? It’s unreal how stupid some people are. What a set of balls. I’m done giving shit away for free, at least on that site, unless someone can convince me that people can learn to read.

Just goes to show you that you can’t even ‘give’ free shit away without some moron breaking your chops.

…there’s always craigslist.com…..


5 Responses to “Freecycle Website”

  1. MOM2GIRLS said

    AMAZING! People are obnoxious…always looking for something for nothing, and to think that they have to balls to complain.

  2. dakeeper said

    M2G, after I posted this here this lady sent me more emails to which I responded in my usual Heretic way. I just don’t know whether to be mad or amused at someone who could get so offended that I didn’t give her a FREE f’ing item!!!

  3. switters said

    Just remember Elvis Costello’s words: “I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused.” I don’t know if you’ve read “The Purpose Driven Life;” I only skimmed it but if you believe in the premise that we are here for a purpose then clearly that woman’s purpose is to give people like us something to laugh at.

  4. MOM2GIRLS said

    Heretic…I have a very dry sense of humor (I can’t help it, it runs in my family) and it seems like you do too, at least that’s what I’m getting from reading your posts. People like the crazy internet kookoo-head give ME something to laugh about!

  5. dakeeper said

    Yes, I have started to see the humor in this pathetic incident. I should copy/paste the emails we had going back and forth, but why bore you with the details. Suffice to say this moron could not see my logic and was blinded by her dissappointment at missing out on the power wheels jeep.

    I have found out that there are people who constantly browse freecycle and snatch up stuff to resell. They reply to you with ‘oh my kids would love that for their birthday’ or ‘oh my legless daughter could use that because her puppy just got run over by a UPS truck and she just got diagnosed with leprosy’….lol, it’s crazy! Seriously these people are f’ed up! So what I do is cut through the responses and go with the person who sounds the most honest and can spell. Yes, spelling and grammar are big to me, even in emails….

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