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WTF is ‘Frank Somma’?

Posted by dakeeper on July 14, 2007

Hey all! So I did a Sayville.com drive-by and I see this post from some dude who wants to run for office. I’m trying real hard to get the joke but the laughs never came. Is this person for real? I have a few suggestions but I cannot post them on that site.

1) I like my elected officials to be literate. Your post was an embarrassment. You mean to tell me the only error you found was ‘farmacy’? Lol- ‘table 6 needs their doggy bag’…..

2) You’re bitching about the local cops sounds like the typical ramblings of a poo-say. It starts with the parents stoo-pid. You got mugged at knifepoint? Why don’t you tell us the WHOLE story? What was it you wrote- “We need to reassess the value and duties of the local policemen”. You worry about your job and let the cops worry about their job. Nothing worse than a civilian who thinks they have all the answers to law enforcement. Insert taxpayer bitch about salaries here________________________________________________. Now go out and find teach your kid about respect.

3) So how does skateboarding in front of a f’ing bank and writing ‘suck my d-ck’ on the wall in the alleyway by Eckerd’s constitute ‘expressing oneself’? I take it you’re not a conservative. Yes friends, Sayville does have a village idiot.

4) Landlord’s and rotisserie chicken? Sounds like you have a personal agenda. Just what we need more of around here- politicians with their own agenda.

5) Pollution? Uh, the last time I checked it is a fine punishable up to $500 and/or confinement in a correctional institution for a definite sentence for littering. So other than smacking the shit out of some lazy-assed fat slob who throws their Wendy’s bag out the window what exactly do you propose to do other than bitch about it? Yes Virginia, there are some careless idiots out there.

6) Abandoned buildings left in dissarray? Maybe you should run for office over in Brentwood or Wyandanch. If you were REALLY concerned about our quality of life you would have mentioned something about the local crack-infested rentals or why the hell do I have to go to the f-ing town of Islip townhall to pay for a card to use the Foster Avenue park when I already pay taxes for it.

So please ‘Frank Somma’, tell us it was all just a joke. Are you another one of our ketchup bottle-filler friend’s co-workers or something?


23 Responses to “WTF is ‘Frank Somma’?”

  1. Tibbs said

    Thank GOD I was not the only one who felt that way. I kept waiting for the puchline, but it never came.

    I was even more confused after reading his post under ‘Town Government’…

    “Hello I am new to the forum and new to caring about anything to do with Sayville. I have lived here for about 13 years but have always just thought of it as a place is passing throughout my lifetime.”

    It’s sentences like that which make me ask ‘what the f—?’
    Seems this neophyte is all of 23 years old, and writes like it too. I suggest he go back and get his GED and a year or two of higher education before he tries to become the next Pete McGowan.

  2. dakeeper said

    OMG- I’ve been reading his posts. What a moron. Run-on sentences, ramblings, mis-spellings, ugh…..I wish I could post on there.

  3. MOM2GIRLS said

    I also got a chuckle out of that person’s post…call me crazy, but I can’t help but think that it’s a twisted kid trying to get a rise out of somebody on the Sayville forum! Seems like an illiterate punk, if you ask me!

  4. dakeeper said

    He’s a real guy. Unless it’s someone using a real guy’s name. Ambulance vollie I believe. I find it very funny that Foxfan of all people, gets on him about spelling and grammar. Then she says something about no attacks since 9/11 unlike the last President, but I’m thinking, 9/11 was with THIS President…what is wrong with you people! You HAVE to rag on this idiot! How can you let her criticize ANYONE!!!!!!!!! She’s borderline illiterate and she gets on someone??? Huh???

    That site is a joke.

  5. dakeeper said

    AAHHHHHH- I need to reply to this Zen-turtle dick now!!! Lol- it’s comical…..two complete morons talking politics and what needs to be done with Sayville.

  6. aquariuscook said

    come on you guys hes just young. i think it wouldnt kill us to support the younger kids who want to make a positive difference. maybe im just a fool or an opptimist but even if he never does a thing i think its good to support anyone who is 18-25 if they want to make things better. Why do you think there are so many houses for sale. Its not just the taxes. Its because things arent what they used to be. Its too easy to climb all over someone one like this guy.

  7. dakeeper said

    AQ, c’mon, are you serious? Why are you entertaining this guy? First of all I resent his anti-cop ramblings and I would like nothing more than to smack him. It’s obvious he’s had way too much sand kicked in his face and now he’s using a forum to make himself feel better.

    Responding to him with serious comments is only going to fuel his need for attention. I wish I could reply to him on there but the spineless rulers will not have it.

    Btw- he’s only telling you half the story when it comes to his ‘experiences’ with the law.

    Trust me.

  8. Tibbs said

    Again I have to agree with Dakeeper. This kid has basically stated that he ‘was’ (trying hard here to to laugh uncontrollably) one of the trouble making kids hanging out downtown & in the parks late at night. But instead of finding Jesus (never got that saying because I never knew Jesus was lost) This kid has found politics. Ohhhh Pleeeeeze.

    My eldest is about the same age as this born again politician and Guess what he was doing in high school and after he graduated. He was & is working and still trying to put HIMSELF through school.

    AS for knowing the hidden darkside of our youth in this town. I say GIVE me a Break! He should have grown up here in the late 70’s early 80’s. How half of us survived to reach adulthood is nothing short of a miricle. He can talk when he has his own children is supporting them and paying property/school taxes in this town. Personally I have no use for some kid living in Mommy & Daddy’s house in the samed room he grew up in trying to tell me how we need to improve this town.

  9. FOXFAN said

    Id like to introduce him to a spelling class,Jackass that he is…

  10. switters said

    I’ve really been torn on how to respond to this guy. I mean, making fun of him is just too easy (e.g. he wants to run for office but doesn’t even have a clue about how government works or even what positions exist??? This would be cute if he was like 8 years old, but he’s an adult for crying out loud). Mocking him would feel as satisfying as winning a foot race against a paraplegic.

    On the other hand, he posted a lot of pretty annoying stuff and seems to be more intent on taking over the forum (35 posts in two days; many of which make me look like “Silent Bob“) than actually accomplishing anything.

    So, outside of my 2 or 3 little comments I’ve thrown in, I’ve just decided to ignore him.

  11. aquariuscook said

    I guess i am a fool. I just like to have a ton of faith in a person who puts forth effort for positive change. I know how it feels to try and get people to rally and have them throw crap at you. And I do I think of a 23 year old as a child (to some degree) and that is why i even exchanged with him. But i do think of switters and keeper as smart so if they say bogus i have to roll with that.

  12. MOM2GIRLS said

    SWITTERS…I love your last post…”mocking him would be as satisfying as winning a footrace against a paraplegic”….I am cracking up!

  13. dakeeper said

    I want to know why the astute Foxfan included me in a post to him as if ‘he’ was ‘me’? WTF is wrong with you? This punk has nothing to do with me. I’d like nothing more than to see him smoking a blunt in Gilette park wearing a Hillary shirt so I can make him hate civil servants even more than he already does. Think before you post please….and stop dreaming about me. Table 6 needs a kiddie menu.

    Like I said, the kid wants attention and he has found it on the forum. The only problem is he’s not even a troll, he’s just not funny or interesting. I gather he’s the kind of person who spray paints the word ‘Bush’ on a stop sign, like on Johnson and High st.

    Yes AQ, he’s a fraud. I have no problem with a lil’ tyke if they want to aspire to run for government. It’s a noble occupation. I do have a problem with someone who just wants to air their gripes against the ‘man’ on a community forum. In addition this guy offered no real solutions to his ‘problems’.

    Let me sum him up. He got into a scrap in the park one night with some other kids, and him and his friends got made to look like bee-ayches. Ok, so he goes to the local cop and the cop makes an assessment on what he’s told and he tells the kid to go home to his mommy for a band-aid and some neosporin.

    Fast forward a couple of years. One night while surfing the web while woozy on a little oxy-contin he stumbles on the Sayville.com website. He registers while glancing at a poster on his wall of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and signs up as Zenturtle. While reading some of the monotonous ramblings of the Sayville denizens, he harkens back to that night not too long ago when he was beat up, and he decides to enter the fray as a politician-in-waiting. All this while his mom yells up to the attic that his macaroni and cheese is ready and could he please make his bed for once.

    I suspect he’ll return to playing Club-Penguin and renewing his Webkinz characters.

    In the meantime, you’ll be stuck trying to decipher posts from Foxfan….

  14. vt_photo said

    Keeper, did they ban Tuca and Yakub (sp??) as well? That’s a damn shame, because I’m tempted to copy and paste the above message onto Sayville.com myself. Great stuff.

    Switters, your crying avatar was a fitting end to that thread. Like AQ, I have a bit of sympathy for a young person who has a real interest in politics and would not automatically be opposed to someone based on age (or even spelling!). But their professed acquiantence with the Sayville underworld would have me concerned.

    BTW, this has to be overblown, right? MS-13 isn’t patrolling our streets after I go to bed each night?? Millpond and zenturtle would have us believe that there is some teeming cesspool of evil simmering just below our happy Sayville surface. Too many Buffy the Vampire Slayer comix?

  15. dakeeper said

    VT, please do, tell them I said hi. I see nothing wrong with my message. To answer your questions, yes, the admin had banned my IP and I’m too damn tired of the site to use IP cloaking software, which I have.

    Trust me when I say that Sayville is no crime-infested hamlet. Yes, there is some illicit activity like everywhere, but this ain’t Wyandanch.

    It sounds like the typical ramblings of a disgruntled youth with an axe to grind.

  16. aquariuscook said

    is there no way to change your IP? There has to be. I only ask for my own selfish need. I miss you and switters doesnt seem to like to visit often anymore. Its not the same. and what the hell are you doing with IP cloaking software? Well either way get it running so you can come back.

  17. dakeeper said

    Hi AQ- thanks for the love. It seems the admin has taken to banning both my IP and each of the user names I had. It’s just not worth it. It’s like having to take a woman out on expensive dinner dates for just a peck on the cheek. It’s not worth my time. If they don’t feel I’m worthy of posting on their brownie-recipe forum, that’s their problem. I do miss the interaction and making fun of idiots…..

    Stop in here, I’ll be around…..

  18. I love your generalizations and assumptions. Very few of them were even close to reality. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. It feels good to be liked but awesome to be hated. You guys really think about me too often. I love it!!

  19. Bam!

  20. WTF are any of you doing? Sitting around being armchair activists rallying against me instead of for something. Wow seems like a bunch of bullshit to me. Get a life.

  21. netsirk643 said

    It’s funny how you say he’s just trying to get a rise out of someone in the Sayville forum. Well it seems to me he’s getting a rise out of all of you. He now has an entire page deticated to him.

  22. South Bay said

    I don’t think anyone wpuld want a page dedicated to them in that way. I tried to take him serious but its rather difficult when he is is his early twenties and somewhat brags about illegal activities,time to grow up. Really great at his age trashing motel rooms,his myspace page says alot…….

  23. phrank said

    ok so clearly this is a room full of english teachers, therefore please permit me to prostrate myself before the staggering hauter of your brobdingnagian wisdom of the english vernacular prior to the commencement of my retort. That being said, if none of you are yourselves prepared to get out there and act for change, then shut up. Plain and simple. Go run for office yourselves, or simply dont vote for the turtle if he does run, and knowing him, id believe he would. Very simple. But if you’re not, then you’ve no call to sit around and point the finger at someone else and chastise their beliefs or even trivialise and demean them. I’m certain that you are all part of the apathetic collective and therefore i know thats all you are, public nay sayers. You guys can all get out your pitchforks and torches and make a great mob, so good for you, but it is you, not the turtle whom i scoff at. I know my place, i am not inspired to go out and insight change myself, therefore i do not take anonymous pot shots at those would would seek to make the place i live a better one. That would make me a hypocrite, like the rest of you. And if you are out there trying to make a difference then good for you, but this isn’t directed at you either and hopefully you have the cognitive capacity to grasp that without becoming all self righteous. Also, unless youve been a teenager in the last 10 years, you have no idea the stupidity we have to put up with. You wanna try putting up with “random field sobriety tests” everywhere you go and then after making them look stupid for making a perfectly sober person on foot blow into a breathalizer, being told to move along before you get taken in? Anyone live that? I have, turtle has, and many others have as well. Try and tell me you wouldnt have a certain level of disdain for the town cops if that was the working relationship you shared with them. With that, i leave you, and it is my sincere hope that i have demonstrated adequate comprehension of my own lexicon so as to facilitate my transition to the fifth grade, since so many of you are so concerned with my spelling and punctuation. i would have used semi colons, but i didnt think any of you would have been able to figure out how to read me after that I

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