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Not lovin’ it

Posted by switters on July 16, 2007

I really can’t figure out the point of this ad:


“I want a #9. Now.”

Is this really how McDonald’s would like us to speak to their cashiers? I mean, is it not enough that they make their employees wear those hideous polyester uniforms? Now they want customers to help humiliate and degrade these poor kids too?

I can’t wait for the next ad: “Give me a Big Mac, you pimple faced twit!”

Seriously, maybe the key is in the tag line: “What are you gonna get?”

If I was working at McDonald’s and you gave me that “Now” attitude, you’d “get” a shake shampoo and and a order of large fries in your face.


One Response to “Not lovin’ it”

  1. dakeeper said

    C’mon SWitters, look at the McD’s ad campaign of the last year or two. “I’m lovin’ it”. It’s obviously geared towards you know who. The bottom line is that’s how alot of their customers speak. Plain and simple.

    “Can I help the next person?” (more on this opening line later)
    “yeah, gimme a 9 wit a coke and super size it, y’heard?”
    {Cashier punches buttons on register} “Would you like an applie pie with that”
    “Yo what wrong wit you? Did I say I want an apple pie bitch?”
    “$4.89 sir”
    {Guy throws a 5 on the counter} “apple pie, shit”
    “Thank you sir, please come again, can I help the next person?”

    As you can see from this exchange that there is a discernible lack of respect on the part of the customer. I think advertisers for McDonald’s have seized upon this cultural flaw with the ad you pointed out…..lol.

    As for cashiers saying ‘Can I help the next person?’, what that does is takes the pressure off of them to identify the rightful person next in line, and rather causes angst for the customer who has to use skill to deftly avoid cutters. I have seen this many times and there are unscrupulous people who use it to their advantage. Fast food establishments in particular, are no place for the meek-in-line. The Taco Bell corral system of line ordering is good at deterring this problem, as is the Wendy’s corral.

    You have been informed……heheeh

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