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Local Sayville Events

Posted by dakeeper on July 19, 2007

Hey guys.  I was at Broadway park on Wednesday for kids bingo- it wasn’t bad (it’s bingo).  Those Gillette park gigs are good, too.  I’ll definitely be at the Beatles acoustic show at the end of August.  If you go to any of these events look me up and say hello (If I don’t like you I’ll pretend I never heard of you).  How will you know me?  Not my problem….

 I like that they at least try to put on good quality shows and activities.  Every once in awhile I need a break from the hate.

I want to thank whoever is responsible for liberating me from the joke that is Sayville.com forums.  Why were you guys so easy on ‘Zenturtle’?

 Ok, have a good one all!


3 Responses to “Local Sayville Events”

  1. switters said

    “How will you know me?”

    We’ll just look for the guy that thinks he’s John McClane. Yippee Ki Yay M*!%@ F&*#@&!

  2. dakeeper said

    Lol- I’ll be wearing a floppy hat, kind of like the one that Jeffery McDonald saw…..or thought he saw….

  3. MOM2GIRLS said

    (((((ZEN TURTLE)))))

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