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What I Didn’t Do on My Summer Vacation

Posted by switters on July 22, 2007

“The more advertising I see, the less I want to buy.” I don’t think a TV commercial has ever been as effective as this one in convincing me NOT to purchase something.

I was seriously on the fence about taking my kids to Six Flags this summer. On the one hand I have really fond memories from when I was a kid. On the other hand, I’ve heard that it’s pretty much overrun with drunken lowlifes.

Since this spot makes it clear the type of people they are TRYING to attract, I can assure you that we won’t be going anywhere near there this, or any, summer.


One Response to “What I Didn’t Do on My Summer Vacation”

  1. dakeeper said

    Guy, next time you want to know the clientele of a given theme park, give ole Heretic a holla. I coulda told you that Great Adventure is now a perp playground. I wouldn’t go there for free with an overnight stay in the Waldorf included. I like to use the law enforcement barometer. If cops say it’s ok to use an off day to go to a theme park, then I’m ok with it. Can you get knuckleheads at the best parks? Of course, but I don’t know about you but I prefer the safari where you drive through, not walk through, which is Great Adventure New Jersey.

    I’ve heard a few good things about the six flags in Springfield Massachusetts.

    Alot of guys I work with have had success at Hershey park, myself included.

    Sesame Place is like putting a sprinkler in a South Bronx Housing Project courtyard. No thanks.

    Splish Splash here on the island has a problem. We avoid it.

    Adventureland is ok when the buses leave around 2-ish and before the teen crowd at night.

    I heard the park up at Lake George is nice- I’ve never been there.

    It’s a shame about great adventure, because like you, I used to go there alot before I got married and breeded. I had alot of good times there before they seemingly started busing in every piece of shit, no class, can o’ coke discount, chicken-soup smellin’ perp in the tri-state area with their Laker jerseys and fubus. I guess the management now realizes most normal family types have left Dodge and they’re marketing their park accordingly.

    I once saw Beatlemania at great adventure in the stadium, now I suppose they have perp-a-lapooza and greekfest.

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