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An Ode To Lindsay

Posted by dakeeper on July 25, 2007

I normally don’t give a rat’s ass about celebrities and their misdeeds.  I do however, often find myself entertained by their self-destruction, if only because it is self-induced.

Take Lindsay Lohan for example.  Now folks, I have been working with criminals for quite awhile.  All different types.  Hardcore felons, misdemeanors, you name it.  One thing in this girl that I find similar to your average criminal are the excuses.  For her latest law troubles she is saying all the usual excuses every veteran criminal uses.  It’s comical.  Then there is her rapid descent into recidivism, only having left rehab  weeks ago and already getting busted again.  Not good.  If it’s one thing about criminals that I have learned, is that they are good at excuses and lies.
Her dad is now popping up on CNN and FOX news.  Here’s a guy who is a poster child for perp behavior.  He’s on there talking about finding God and how it changed his life.  I suspect soon we’ll be hearing about how he beat up a bartender with a shoe.  Her mom is exercising her attributes as a MILF and nowhere to be found.

As far as having sympathy, I have none.  These people make a shitload of money and in doing so get to lead nice lives.  I’m supposed to care about papparrazi?   You don’t hear about Natalie Portman getting arrested.
Hopefully she won’t kill someone one day while driving.


4 Responses to “An Ode To Lindsay”

  1. dakeeper said

    Part of my post is missing. I must have done something Switters…….

  2. dakeeper said

    Where is everyone? Don’t tell me you’re all too busy reading the Foxfan/ Gregg riveting conversation? I was operating heavy machinery while reading that stuff and sure enough I fell asleep and flipped it…..

    Puh-leez? Is that what the admin there really wants? What is so bad that I ever wrote that would lead to my banishment? Discussions about ‘Price is Right’ and who makes the best pizza? People from other towns must think Sayville people are uptight and boring……then again….

    I just want it explained to me why I was kicked, and no, I’m not emailing anyone because I’m not ever going back anyway. I am curious though, because it makes no sense.

  3. vt_photo said

    My guess is that it’s just easier for an admin to block your ip address than to deal with people who whine every time you call them on their respective nonsense. Squeaky wheels and all…

    It has been pretty boring over at sayville.com, but it’s also midsummer. People are happy outside and not in front of their computers. Anyone catch the Retreads show at the common ground on Wednesday? They did a nice job — great weather and a good crowd.

  4. dakeeper said

    You may be right VT. I have unlimited access 24/7 to the net (obviously) but it still seems unfair that as a member of the community my voice is blocked, yet an obnoxious troll like you-know-who gets to ramble on with impunity.

    I like those common ground events. My kids like going there. I’ll be there tonight. On Wednesday I was at the beach and did not make that show. I’m looking forward to the Beatles acoustics at the end of August.

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