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It’s About Time!

Posted by switters on July 27, 2007

Finally, Sayville is getting something it REALLY NEEDS!taste.jpg


6 Responses to “It’s About Time!”

  1. dakeeper said

    I’ll bet they use real ketchup. The thick kind that doesn’t have to be refilled so often.

    So how ’bout them Yankees?

  2. hibbityjibbity said

    Well well well, I am not sure Sayville is ready for taste. Not to knock all the people and things there as there are many fine people to be found everywhere. I hope this is a food establishment but no offense Long Island in general is a wasteland of food, nothing that great, although I am spoiled living in LA now and I can have anything I can dream of from a place that is run by the people whose culture originated the food 1st hand, not diluted down for our american tastes, I love going in and pointing at menu #’s because they dont understand a lick of english but boy can they cook. Although a place like that in Sayville I fear would never survive because of the lack of Taste and a little thing called tolerance that simply is dying.

  3. hibbityjibbity said

    Is this over where Freidbergs and Empire Video used to be, used to be a seafood restaurant if I remember correctly?

  4. MOM2GIRLS said

    At the risk of being labeled a “pessimist”…that place will never make it. First of all, it’s in a lousy location (off the “beaten path” aka. downtown Sayville). Secondly, the last two places that were in its space didn’t last. Lastly, the sign has been up for quite a while with no activity…people who want to eat out don’t want to wait months for a place to open.

  5. vt_photo said

    I always liked George’s, and they were there for a while. Didn’t the owner just retire and sell (that’s how I remember it)? The bottom line for the Smokehouse was that the food wasn’t very good. I went there twice and was disappointed both times. I believe that I’ve heard Taste is owned by the same guys who own Cafe Joelle and Pasta Pasta in Port Jeff, so the food quality shouldn’t be an issue. If you’ve ever been to Paris or Montreal, you know that a really good fondue place can be divine, so I’m really looking forward to them re-opening.

    I know a few people who’ve gone into the restaurant business, and it is a bit puzzling that both Smokehouse and Taste seem to be spending a lot of money on refurbishing before opening. I know the liquor license can take a while, and that usually explains the delay, but it must be tough to start a new business by sinking thousands into decor before the doors ever open…

  6. hibbityjibbity said

    Hey switters I can not post a new post topic, am I missing something?

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