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Posted by switters on July 28, 2007

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I get a kick out of people who don’t think through their advertising slogans, tag lines, etc.

Case in point: A new business opened up in West Sayville called “King of the Middle Class.” (It’s some kind of mortgage outfit or a “get rich quick” scheme or something. I can’t really figure it out.)


What I wonder about is whether or not when they came up with the slogan “Join The Middle Class Revolution” it occurred to them that the point of a revolution is generally to depose the King.

Certainly we can hope that the “Middle Class Revolution” will be kinder to the “King of the Middle Class” than the French Revolution was to the King of France:



26 Responses to “décapiter”

  1. vt_photo said

    Maybe they’re just trying to be ironic, like calling a rock band “Muzak” or a butcher “The Kosher Pork Store.”

    Then again, maybe they’re just idiots.

  2. switters said

    I guess it could be irony – but that doesn’t exactly fit with the intended message or target audience. I’m inclined to think it’s your second theory.

  3. dakeeper said

    Lol- did you go to their website? OMG! Ever see those info-mercials where they have a guy set up like Karry King live complete with slick hair and big microphone on the desk? They usually sell hard-on pills, hair-loss remedies, or colon douching solutions? That’s what this site reminded me of- they even had this video that kicks in with a ‘Born in the USA’ lead-in. I was waiting for a Crazy Eddie outburst. Whoever is responsible for that site should go back to selling roadside hot dogs.

  4. vt_photo said

    It’s a good thing I visited their site, I had no idea that my marriage was the most important business decision that I’d ever made. I gotta ask my wife to see the P&L. I told my accountant that I should be able to amortize my kids, but he pointed out that it might prompt my wife to take a closer look at the ROI of our sex life…

  5. dakeeper said

    I didn’t know Foxfan does website design.

  6. switters said

    VT_Photo: I had no idea that my marriage was the most important business decision that I’d ever made. I gotta ask my wife to see the P&L.

    Right, and apparently your choice of mortgage brokers is more important than the purchase of your house.

    DaKeeper: they even had this video that kicks in with a ‘Born in the USA’ lead-in

    Yeah, I guess they didn’t learn anything from Ronald Reagan. A angst-ridden song about being betrayed by your country and government sure puts me in the right mindset for selecting a mortgage broker.

    But all-in-all, this really isn’t fair. It’s like making fun of The Sayville Gazette – it’s just too darned easy.

  7. Anonymous said

    the video on the website was hysterical to me the guy on the left looks just like the typical guy that i would have to have “removed” by a bouncer (back in the pe-kids bartending days)beause he drank to many bud bottles. JUST the guy that can make all my financial dreams come true.

  8. aquariuscook said

    oops that was me “anonymous” im woking ou how to properly use this site.

  9. aquariuscook said

    and how to type with my new keyboard.

  10. dakeeper said

    Hi AQ. It’s ok, you must be spending too much time on Sayville.com and it’s rubbing off…..

  11. aquariuscook said

    NO I AM not!! and your absence is most of the reason why! :O

  12. dakeeper said

    Fear not my friend, I may be closer than you think…..

  13. MOM2GIRLS said

    Plucky Purcell? 😉

  14. dakeeper said


  15. aquariuscook said

    I think we who love dakeeper should send Aina an email and tell her that wemiss him and log on much less with out him. business is business and as someone who pays for advertisement on sayville.com less traffic due to you not being there worries me. We are going to be starting our fall winter campaign soon and I’m worried less people will see it. This effin keyboard is killing me.

  16. dakeeper said

    Well AQ, let’s just hope they don’t kick PluckyPurcell off of there, now that would be a real shame, especially since he/she hasn’t done anything and I heard he/she is gonna be good.

  17. dakeeper said

    AQ- what is your business you advertise?….and thanks for the support!

  18. hibbityjibbity said

    This makes me laugh, and makes me think of another large business that uses a king in advertising namely the Burger “King”, and a counter ad campaign that I pitched once for a rival for a summer 4th of July campaign– This is not the exact slogan we pitched but similiar it was years ago I can not remember it perfectly anymore.

    Celebrate your independance with a Big Mac, say farewell to the King one more time!

  19. switters said

    Who were you working for at the time? Leo Burnett?

  20. aquariuscook said

    We are the masonry company on the home page on sayville.com, we’ve gotten a really good amount of business off the site. in the winter it gets harder because we can only do fireplaces and interior tile jobs because you cant use mortar in weather below 45 degrees. So the advertising becomes really important. (the re-entry of heretic would be great)
    besides that there are mutterings of a sayville bar crawl and it seems like that would be out of the question unless switters and heretic were leading the way. (or at least there) what a fun idea a bunch of nut balls from the sayville.com site + alcohol. I can think of 2 women that i would not trust my self to be drunk around. I have a hard enough time ignoring them when they post online. Mostly I would just love to put faces to the names!

  21. dakeeper said

    Oh trust me, if you saw me you would probably say you’ve seen my shaved head somewhere around town…..

  22. vt_photo said

    SJ Stokes, AQ? If so, I hope it makes you feel better that I called based on your sayville.com ad and was very happy with the work you did on my belgium block.

  23. Anonymous said

    thats us! and thanks sooo much. I appreciate it. That little ad really is something. Sayville people are really great with keeping things local. Thanks again!!!

  24. hibbityjibbity said

    No I was not working for Leo Burnett, I and 2 partners had a small advertising company for a few years in Buffalo NY. I also was a VP at a large Landscape Design/Install firm in Buffalo, and now I work in Financial Services for the one of the largest brokerage houses on wall street.

  25. dakeeper said

    Hey- my wife was at summerfest and she got me two ‘King of the Middle Class’ t-shirts from their booth! Yeah boy!!!

  26. vt_photo said

    Ha! were they really there? I missed that…

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