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A Bit of Perspective

Posted by dakeeper on August 11, 2007

After reading the latest news I had to sit back for a moment and take stock of the important things in life, like the hot cup of coffee on my desk and the air in my lungs.  Seriously though, I’ve been following the account of these coal miners who have been trapped for days with little hope for survival.  I can’t even imagine how horrifying it must be to be trapped in a dark, cold, cramped cave with diminishing air knowing you’re probably not going to make it.  I don’t know about anyone else, but the plight of these poor guys helps to put things in perspective for me.  Trivialities like the latest Foxfan post, taxes, chicken legs on the dock, and Mexican landscapers take on little or no meaning when compared to getting killed at work.  Yes, we all run the risk of a workplace fatality, some more than others, but the manner in which these guys met their fate is tragic and cruel.

 I have the utmost respect for these guys and I honestly do not think I could do the job they do.  People say that about my job, but to do what they do everyday takes balls.  I hope this story somehow has a better ending than what has been predicted.  In any event, I tip my cap to that profession and I hope their families are taken care of.


18 Responses to “A Bit of Perspective”

  1. aquariuscook said

    funny, Ive been going thru the same thing only from a different trigger, I wasn’t so much moved by the plight of these miners (as much as I can respect what they do) I have had this strange health issue happening (haven’t even been to the doctor yet) and It has been making me a little crazy because I automatically start picturing my kids growing up with out their mother. As some one who is not that type of pessimist and lives in a relatively spiritual (not religious) manner. I had to reel myself in and re-commit to the idea that he forces that be are what they are and will be what they will be and I just have to be content with what comes my way. That said I have been treasuring every moment because I had a few hours of being convinced I was going to die in the next year (going crazy.) Gratitude is so powerful and if a news story or anything else can pull us out of our usual lack of it then that is a good thing!
    P.S. I still HATE my new f’ing keyboard!!!

  2. dakeeper said

    I have heard this before, but it is true: ‘everyone dies, not everyone really lives’. It’s been said in many movies and stuff. So I tell my kids that everytime they don’t volunteer for the magician, stand on the side at the squaredance, or stay off the rollercoaster. This ride is way too short.

  3. MOM2GIRLS said

    Keeper, your words hold much truth! While some kids love to be the center of attention, others do not. I am truly tired of the pettiness in this town (“he said…she said…etc”). I’ve weeded out those in my personal life and have a handful fo friends today. For this reason, I am comfortable posting on Switters’ site. Sheesh, if my neighbors knew that I am huge RUSH fan or had front row seats at the Coldplay concert, or worse…know some of the “street people” personally, I’d be hanged.

    And so, Keeper, I will continue to dance like nobody is watching! 🙂

    May God bless the miners.

  4. dakeeper said

    Really? Your neighbors would feel like that? Interesting. I do know there are alot of those types of people everywhere. I find it funny hearing all the latest dirt on who’s doing what (or who)- ladies do talk and pass it on to hubbies. Well, I could care less what people think of me, I think I’ve established that. My interests are diverse and I cover alot of ground. On any given day I can be seen:
    Golfing (14 handicap- working hard on my short game)
    Video gaming (online, singleplay, you name it)
    Rollerblading shooting pucks with my Ipod on listening to 2112
    Crabbing with my kids (damn those chicken legs left on the dock)
    Gazing at the stars with a telescope
    Mowing my own lawn

    The point is M2G it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day what anyone thinks. If I go to the Library with my wife and kids I’m gonna hold the door open for that guy with the dirty clothes and the shopping cart or the lady in the Jaguar with the nice heels and Ray-bans. I don’t care.

    These poor guys went to work one day and now what? If I get a pen in the neck tommorrow I’m gonna be awfully pissed off that I never saw the pyramids along the Nile or jumped off a cliff in Mexico. Just my opinion.

    Hey, speaking of Rush, I was down at the dock recently by Foster Ave- my one son does sailing down there- I noticed someone scribed in ‘Rush 2112’ with the logo in front of the last bench when I was sitting there. While I DO NOT condone vandalism I thought it was cool that most likely a kid/teen was into Rush…..there is hope.

  5. switters said

    I agree that those miners give us perspective – and let’s not forget those men and women who are currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whenever I start to complain about whatever piddly crap is bothering me, I only need send my mind over to that part of the world and give some thought to those guys who signed up to protect my ability to worry about that piddly crap and are literally putting their lives on the line every single day.

  6. hibbityjibbity said

    As someone who has no medical reason for being alive after a massive overdose a few years back, the doctors just told me I should be dead, I live today.

    It has not been easy but life is not easy, moreover the rewards from working hard and doing the right thing are so great. I remember every morning when I get up that life is a choice and I choose to have a great day everyday no matter what. Hell even if my day is going horribly I sit down for a minute and restart my day in my own head, and choose to have a great day from that point forward. I am so blessed to be alive, and to be here in this country, and to have a great career, and being college educated, going down to the ocean and seeing the seals and birds and dolphins swim and fly about.

    Life is really what you make of it, even my good friends in Iraq right now try to make the most out of everyday, which amazes me when I talk to my one buddy-he is always like cheer up man it aint that bad, and he gets shot at all the time!

    I try hard not to care about anyone else, what matters most is what I think of myself and as long as I do the right thing, it all works out. I only have to live in my skin not anyone elses.

  7. dakeeper said

    Yes, not a day goes by when the newswires do not have a blurb about soldiers getting killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    That is why I can assure you if I ever leave town on a business or pleasure trip to another location I will NOT be logging onto Sayville.com to post or view topics, if you know what I mean. It’s about perspective and priorities…..

    Oh, and by the way…..WAAAAHHHH…WAAAAHHHHHH…..WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! You can have your stinking forum back!!!! WAAAHHHH!!!! You’re a professinal (sic) shit stirrer…..WAAAHHHHHH!!!!


  8. switters said

    So now Heath and Derf are back. Is it just me, or didn’t both of them promise to go away a while ago?

    But hey, at least Heath has a sense of humor.

  9. dakeeper said

    I thought Heath was a little tough on that Ebay lady. Derf is without question a thin-skinned dude who has exposed himself to be big baby.

  10. MOM2GIRLS said

    Regardless of derf’s skin, he takes AWESOME photos. And, he’s a true Sayvillite…he loves this town.

  11. dakeeper said

    The snapshots? Whatever M2G, he must love this town because he’s out on the street at 3AM taking pictures of car accidents and telephone cables. Big cry-baby if you ask me. ZERO sense of humor.

    I love this town too, but I have a nice set of balls and a thick skin unlike some of these other ‘town-lovers’.

  12. switters said

    Frankly, people who don’t have a sense of humor scare me.

  13. MOM2GIRLS said

    Keeper, or whatever you call yourself: I don’t care about your set. Are you having a bad week? Get over it…those pics were taken MONTHS ago. Open your mind, my friend. Lose the anger… you sound like a hard-up bitch. Take that vacation and log off sayville.com for a spot…sounds like you need a break!


    There is unrest in the forest,
    There is trouble with the trees,
    For the maples want more sunlight
    And the oaks ignore their pleas.

    The trouble with the maples,
    (And they’re quite convinced the’re right)
    They say the oaks are just too lofty
    And they grab up all the light.
    But the oaks can’t help their feelings
    If they like the way they’re made.
    And they wonder why the maples
    Can’t be happy in their shade.

    There is trouble in the forest,
    And the creatures all have fled,
    As the maples scream `Oppression`
    And the oaks, just shake their heads

    So the maples formed a union
    And demanded equal rights.
    “The oaks are just too greedy;
    We will make them give us light.”
    Now there’s no more oak oppression,
    For they passed a noble law,
    And the trees are all kept equal
    By hatchet, axe, and saw.


    Switters, I would love to talk “autism” with you sometime.

  14. dakeeper said

    You’re going to lecture me about time off? I was off of Sayville.com for awhile and nothing changed- those who were spineless dickheads before I left were still the same when I came back. My set? What set is that? What do you know about ‘sets’ other than what you see in movies? Maybe you could clue me in. No, I’m not a hard up bitch, but thanks for your concern. Speaking of someone who might need a good ride on a stiff one, but then never mind…..

    Not really sure what to make of your post other than wtf are you talking about? I’m not really sure why your defending pussies and posting Rush lyrics. Very strange…..

  15. MOM2GIRLS said

    Keeper: Buh-bye…from the bottom of my heart!

  16. dakeeper said

    Lol- ok, have a good one.

    Btw- what inspired your outburst?

  17. switters said


    1) as far as autism, you have my e-mail address and you can write me anytime you want. While I have some knowledge of and interest in the subject, I hope I haven’t given the impression that I’m any kind of an expert on the subject.

    2) I’m also curious to know what inspired your outburst. Keeper didn’t post anything particularly new regarding his views of Derf. If you were just looking to kid him about being obsessed with disliking Derf there may be some material there (maybe), but “a hard up bitch?” and “buh bye?…from the bottom of my heart!” What gives?

  18. dakeeper said

    Yeah, this is one of the stranger dismissals I’ve been subjected to, if you can call being dismissed by someone you never met a ‘dismissal’. I’m really curious about the ‘set’ reference. I don’t recall stating I’m in a ‘set’ or that I have any interest in a ‘set’. If she would like to discuss gangs or gang culture, I would be more than happy to do so, although I suspect a Sayville soccer mom’s knowledge of gangs consists of what she reads in the papers or watches on TV.

    Evidently she is a friend of this guy or something, or just an overzealous fan of his snapshots. Either way I could really care less but it would be interesting to hear an explanation as to her comments.

    As far as her comment on ‘those pictures being taken months ago’, if she even bothered to learn about the reference to her friend on this blog she would have realized my observation was based on his latest resurfacing on the forum where he made himself look like an ass by his spoiled childlike comments to another poster. He and his pictures are a non-issue to me.

    Hard-up bitch. Now that’s pretty funny. That’s a first for me bro…..

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