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Alien Invasion?

Posted by switters on August 18, 2007

This shot was taken outside Thornhill’s today.

photo_081807_001.jpg My question is:

What #&@!-ing planet do you have to be from to NOT know that it’s wrong to park in front of a fire hydrant?


2 Responses to “Alien Invasion?”

  1. dakeeper said

    They don’t give a crap. That’s a nice summons if the guy saw it.

  2. hibbityjibbity said

    I would have been that asshole that called the cops and stood there and waited for them to come give the person a ticket.

    I have many friends who are fireman and when they go on a call and see a car parked in a fire hydrant zone they take action. I think it is 30 feet here in California, marked by a red painted curb. My associates if on a call and there is anyone touching that red curb or in the zone, not only gets a ticket, but all the windows broken out on the car and a hose run through it because of course the car was in the way. So not only do they get a ticket, the car towed but then have to replace all the windows.

    On another note looking at that picture brings back memories of when I was hit by a car right there in 86 riding my bike.

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