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Rite Aid has ISSUES

Posted by switters on August 20, 2007

This sign, which I spotted at Grand Central Terminal the other day, definitely indicates that the Rite Aid drug chain has some problems with their self esteem.



7 Responses to “Rite Aid has ISSUES”

  1. dakeeper said

    Speaking of interesting subjects, sort of the riveting material currently being discussed on Sayville.com, anyone got any interesting stories to share about their pussys? I had one once that was disgusting and smelly. I mean, I constantly had to clean the box the hair was nasty….

    …I finally gave the pussy to a friend who has told me he hasn’t been able to control it.

  2. switters said

    Reminds me of a Steve Martin bit:

    “So, I was at this woman’s house the other night, I was with this woman, and she had the best pussy I have ever seen.

    Oh, come on! I’m talking about her cat! You can’t say anything any more without people taking it dirty. You people disgust me. Everything you say, someone’s going to make it something filthy. You people make me sick.
    “That cat was the best f*%k I ever had”

  3. dakeeper said

    I’ve been reading that thread with rapt amusement….

    I have a problem with overzealous pet lovers. Many of these people place their pets above human beings. I’m sure of it. I also have a problem with pet owners who fail to realize that when their dog is barking at midnight or shitting on a neighbor’s lawn it’s a nuisance. Just the same as when some f_cking cat is rifling through my garbage or spraying my fence.

    Many dog owners are no different than smokers who empty their ashtrays at intersections. They just don’t give a f_ck. How often do you see a dog owner picking up their dog’s shits? How about I let my 4 year old human drop a steamer on their front lawn?

    I don’t hate animals, although I do hate many animals of the species felonious inmateus. I just hate lazy-assed pet owners who have no respect for other humans.

  4. aquariuscook said

    I hear you. we live over by Joseph street and the apartment complex is full of “dog owners” (id like to add other adjectives but I really try not to judge) who let their dogs crap all over the kids bus stop. After 3 different people stepped in crap waiting for the school bus I called the town and They told me their is no ordinance for crapping dogs. They also walk their dogs down my block all the time. Ive had at least 4 giant steamers left right on my front lawn. Until my very large husband started hunting dog walkers and scared the crap out of a few of them. It was classic! Its slowed down some since then. I love my dog but I would never let leave her crap anywhere but my yard. I am not commenting on cats or pussies.

  5. dakeeper said

    Lol- I love pussy comments! Those fuzzy little trouble-makers!….

    My problem is these residents that live there. I also see them all the time walking their dogs with a Newport sticking out of their mouth and no pooper-scooper.

    So my kids go to Lincoln too. I can guarantee you that you have seen me around….

  6. Anonymous said

    Great sign! I just wanted to warn you to not shop at Rite Aid, Brooks, or Eckerd stores (On June 4, 2007, Brooks and Eckerds became Rite Aid pharmacies). I was at a Rite Aid today and was absolutely horrified to see the conditions under which they fill prescriptions. The store was so filthy that they had piles of black dirt on the floor, directly in front of the place where they were supposed to be dealing with sterile medications. I didn’t even want to touch the counter-top of sit in one of the chairs for fear that I’d catch some intractable disease.

    I am not writing because my aesthetic sensibilities were offended, but rather for the much more serious issue of medicines being disseminated in such an unsafe environment. With that little care being given to basic store cleanliness, should I expect the medicines to be handled appropriately? This type of slothfulness may even lead to tainted prescriptions. Would Rite Aid, Brooks, or Eckerd care if a client got sick or died due to improper handling of medicines or the pharmacist’s unawareness of sterile technique?!

    On a much less serious note, if you work in customer service, please, please don’t call your customers, “Mammy.” Maybe some people in Queens think this local colloquialism is cute, but let me tell you: it’s cute like a 50 year old with varicose veins wearing daisy dukes is cute. “Unprofessional” would be the nicest thing I could say about it.

  7. switters said

    Would Rite Aid, Brooks, or Eckerd care if a client got sick or died due to improper handling of medicines or the pharmacist’s unawareness of sterile technique?!

    If the patient died, well, that’s a lost customer. But if they get SICK… that’s a potential new prescription! Cha-Ching!

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