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Bad Placement

Posted by switters on August 22, 2007

After the words, pictures, etc. are all done, the next most important element for an effective ad is placement. Ideally you’d like your ad for a pain reliever to be next to article about headaches, your tool commercial to air during a home improvement show, etc. But sometimes ad placement goes wrong, as illustrated in this two images:

For a bunch more examples, check out the page where I found these.

I should say that the two examples above are among the tamest.


6 Responses to “Bad Placement”

  1. aquariuscook said

    hehehe. i know you guys will appreciate this…
    we went to mystic aquarium this past week and in the gift shop they had a bunch of crocodile hunter steve irwin toys and right next to it was a barrell of rubber sting rays. I saw steve and jokingly said to my hubby where are the sting rays and i looked over and there they were. I mean c’mon
    p.s. the mystic aqarium TOTALLY over rated.

  2. dakeeper said

    We get the point….

    I went to Mystic in April a few years ago- it was chilly. I thought we would of liked it better in the summer. I liked the old ships and stuff. The aquarium was ok. We stayed for 3 days- I really liked the submarine museum- that was my favorite part.

  3. switters said


    We were at Mystic aquarium last week too. If I’d seen the Steve Irwin / stingray placement, I’d have taken a picture and posted it.

    My wife and I spent a few days in Mystic in the B.C. era (before children). We remembered it as quaint and fun. We decided to stop there on the way home from Boston this year to share it with te kids (just the aquarium, not the town) and you are so right. Either my memory is flawed or it’s gone way downhill.

  4. aquariuscook said

    I’m glad because i was felling like a spoiled brat for feeling that way. From now on I’m spending my vacations looking at things made by nature Is dying to see the aurora borealis,and I always feel ripped off after a trip to Disney or man made attractions like that. We had a ski rental in Vermont year before last and i would be astounded at the sights just driving to the store for groceries. I think Alaska and a ton of the northwest national parks is next. after skiing in Vermont and hopefully Colorado this winter. Our next real estate purchase will definitely be in Vermont. and i love the B.C. term remember when you could have sex in your hotel room when you went on vacation? ahh the good old days.

  5. aquariuscook said

    I dont know if you can tell but i am still struggling with my new keboard. It just sucks. I feel like a spaz!

  6. Anonymous said

    Do they sell fish n chips at Mystic ?

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