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zeitgeist the movie

Posted by aquariuscook on August 27, 2007

have you guys seen this?

what do you think?

its heavy if nothing else.


10 Responses to “zeitgeist the movie”

  1. vt_photo said

    Ha, thanks for killing two hours of my day.

    It’s a pretty good execution of agitprop. There are certainly unanswered questions about 9/11. I work at a big news organization and was at work that day, watching the wire feed. The first reports from the Pentagon were of a bomb, but there are families of people on that plane whose loved ones are gone. Are we to believe that they’re in on it too? I guess I find the whole grand conspiracy angle sort of foolish. When the President of the United States can’t get a blowjob in the Oval Office bathroom without the whole world finding out, how could such a huge conspiracy be kept a secret? And don’t give me the mass media complicity argument: I know at least 40 absolute bulldogs who would stop at nothing to get a story like that. There is never more glee in a newsroom than when some power-abusing public official goes down (Alberto Gonzalez put smiles on a few faces this morning).

    The bankers part didn’t make a lot of sense either. What do a bunch of super rich guys have to gain by throwing the world into periodic depressions intentionally? They depend on the same production chain as everyone else: to get their food, fuel, clothing, utilities, entertainment, etc. A complete systemic breakdown doesn’t benefit anyone. Sure, their basic needs would be met. But they’d be spending a much larger percentage of their wealth on doing so, and anyone smart enough to manipulate markets and governments unseen is too smart to let that happen.

    The film cleverly creates a rabbit hole where the bottom is invisible. It plays up the tricks used by those in power; such as creating religious dogma and empowering phantom terrorists, and then uses those same tricks to make it’s main points: there are unseen forces that are conspiring to keep you down. The whole bit about how the American public has been enslaved by the Federal Reserve to the tune of a 25% income tax, in effect meaning that you work three months a year to line their pockets, is very effective cage rattling. But it goes on to demonstrate, through the solemn head shaking at our society’s excess, that we in fact have the highest living standard in history.

    I was curious to figure out who made this film. It is annonymous. Through some quick digging, it seemed that a likely candidate is Aaron Russo (a Long Island boy, no less!). But just when you’re ready to shrug off the whole conspiracy angle, I find that Russo died this week, less than two months after the release of this film. Hmmm…

  2. dakeeper said

    I saw one of these bullshit conspiracy movies recently, I had to restrain myself from punching the screen. It’s nonsense how they cherrypick interviews and they use newsclips to fit their arguments. Only a complete idiot (there are a few in Sayville) would believe such utter bullshit as this. To argue that the government permitted or even arranged these attacks is an insult to your intelligence.

    If one wants to argue government officials have used the war in Iraq for their own agenda, then I might say ok, state your case, but to twist this 9/11 thing is just plain idiotic.

  3. aquariuscook said

    I cant really wrap my head around that either. But for me.. some of the visuals made me so sick and sad and kind of helpless feeling and spoiled. You can’t deny all the corruption and greed but what to do?

    on another note…
    What book comes after the hitchhikers guide?

  4. dakeeper said

    Corruption and greed are one thing, accusing the government of plotting and organizing mass murder for their own gain is senseless. Those who promote it and believe in it are small-minded people.

  5. switters said

    First off – VT, excellent points. I didn’t see the movie, but it’s a pretty frequent occurrence that those decrying manipulation by the government and other “powers that be,” resort to the same types of propaganda and chicanery to make their points. I enjoy Michael Moore, but he’s the king of this kind of thing (e.g. the scenes of Iraqi children flying kites before the invasion – as if the country was some kind of paradise before we started dropping bombs.)

    Bush capitalized on 9/11 so quickly and effectively that it almost seems like he knew about it beforehand. But when you look at the big picture you realize that it was nothing more than clever marketing – something the administration has repeatedly shown itself to be very good at. (although, given current approval ratings, not always good enough).

    AC – Sorry I didn’t respond to your question on Sayville.com, but I did see that someone else did. I’ll post the info here anyway:

    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
    Life the Universe and Everything
    So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish
    Mostly Harmless

    Be aware that last two vary a bit in style from the first three. “So long…” is still pretty absurd but has a slight romantic comedy undertone and “Mostly Harmless” is a bit darker. Adams was pretty sick of the series at that point. Had he not died, he was going to write another book so that the series wouldn’t end on such a bleak note.

    Given your affinity for nature, you may also want to check out Last Chance to See, a companion to the BBC documentary about endangered species.

    To round things out, there is also Adams’ “Dirk Gently” series which I didn’t care for and “The Salmon of Doubt” which is a collection of unfinished stories, anecdotes, etc. published after he died.

  6. aquariuscook said

    Im no George W. fan but check this out…


  7. dakeeper said

    I had the good fortune of having my employer send me to a radical islam seminar a few months ago. The guy who spoke was an intersting consultant named David Gartenstein-Ross. Google him- he’s had some interesting experiences. Anyway, I learned alot about these radical muslims and the muslim faith in general. It is overwhelming when one considers the true scope of this radical muslim problem and how this nation’s foreign policy reacts to it and is shaped by it.

    I cannot possibly rationalize much of the muslim philosophy, much the same as I cannot understand many christian sects and their way of life. I do feel that all of these radical pieces of shit need to be neutralized permanently. I also dismiss any religion that promotes oppression and complete gender inequality. Muslims also subscribe to the belief that if you aren’t muslim, then you are to be subjugated or killed, or something to that effect.

    It’s a very deep problem.

  8. vt_photo said

    That snopes link reminded me of a funny thing that’s popped up in photojournalism circles. There’s a guy who seems to show up at every Muslim protest and gets photographed a lot. He’s been dubbed Rage Boy. You can see his trail here:


    He even showed up in that snopes article (at the bottom).

  9. dakeeper said

    Ok, I’m tired of trying to be analytical with these filthy people.

    I only have one more thing to say to them- “MY BALLS, YOUR CHIN”

  10. mike monahan said


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