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Posted by aquariuscook on August 30, 2007

I just think this is the coolest stuff.


I know I can share with you guys and you’ll be able to wrap your heads around this.  Trippy and intellectually stimulation. I love it!


6 Responses to “Fractals”

  1. dakeeper said

    Hmm, that’s some deep shit there…..

    I’ll bet your a blast to eat alpha-bits with in the morning….

  2. aquariuscook said

    I’ll have you know that YES I am! and you know well enough by now there’s no alpha bits on my table. It is deep but its SO intersting there is a PBS special on it that makes it easier to understand. the stuff about the Mandelbrot set is mind bending.
    believe me I’m no math geek but i am always thinking about creation and universal force, natures intention and super deep stuff of that nature and this is somehow connected to that I think. It’s about the complexity of simplicity and the simplicity of complexity. Maybe its just the hallucinogens.

  3. dakeeper said

    You lost me at Mandelbrot. I tried reading the link you posted but stopped when my forehead slammed into my keyboard and drool ran down my cheek. I can appreciate the interest in such a topic but it’s heavy for me. I should have used Kashi instead of Alph-bits, right?

    I once had an art teacher in a 2-dimensional art class almost have a meltdown because I didn’t ‘get’ her teaching. My mind just doesn’t analyze that stuff properly. For example, you like fractals in nature, I like watching Somalians getting mauled by wild lions on youtube, which is nature’s intention in my opinion….

  4. aquariuscook said

    get out! your no dummy but i hear you some brains just dont wrap around certain things.

  5. Anonymous said

    Oh Gosh, these Fractals are interesting they sure are, until you try to take a math class dedicated to them, if you want a headache go for it, personally I will just enjoy looking at them instead of doing intense calculus to study them.

  6. Fractals

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