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I originally started this blog because “inappropriate” posts were being deleted from the Sayville.com forum and, although I understand why they were pruned, I felt that they deserved to be preserved and that Sayvillians should have an online forum that was (just a little) less restrictive.   Soon after that, this site evolved into a place where I, along with a few other folks from the forum, could post observations, rants, etc. on whatever subject we decided to go off on.

 Last week, when I’d heard that Erin Halliday Duffy had died, I wrote a brief reflection about her, which generated a tremendous amount of traffic to the site and some very touching and beautiful comments.   By comparison, all the other stuff that my collaborators and I have written here seems beyond trivial.  As such, I’ve decided to call it quits – I’m done with this blog and I’m done with Sayville.com’s forum. 

 I’m leaving everything up here:  the stuff I think is funny for the benefit of those few who might agree, as well as the tributes to Erin for the benefit of the (many more) people who may find comfort in these words now or in the future.

 It’s not that I’m too upset to ever write again, it’s just that the experience has given me a new perspective.

 While I don’t think I spend a tremendous amount of time online, I have been spending more time than I should.  Erin’s death, especially coming on the heels of the death of a close friend last year, is a stark reminder of how precious life is – far too precious to waste engaging in meaningless debates that go nowhere and prove nothing with people I don’t know.   

 I’ve tried to do some good things via this blog and through the forum, but have mostly met with frustration.  And though it’s only 10 or 15 minutes a day, that’s time I’ll never regret taking away from cyberspace and giving back to my kids. 

 Besides, online conversations always seem to go bad and I find they sometimes bring out the worst in people (me included).  I can easily do without the negativity.

 Ultimately I’m glad that my last post has some purpose and meaning, and I’ll close this out with one last pitch to make the most of what the internet is capable of.

 In the last 16 months two wonderful, caring, young women that I knew, along with millions of other people, died of terrible diseases.  No force in heaven or on Earth can bring them back, but we can help other people from going through the pain and suffering that they and their families faced by becoming more aware of, and maybe even making a contribution to fight, these terrible afflictions.

 Please visit The American Cancer Society and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  And please be generous.

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